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About Computer Science

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a field of study that deals with the design, development, and maintenance of computer systems and their applications. It combines principles from computer science, electrical engineering, and information technology to create and implement software, hardware, and network systems that solve problems and meet the needs of businesses and organizations.

1000+ Computer Science MCQs

Computer Science and Engineering professionals design and develop software applications, analyze and design algorithms, and design and build computer systems and networks. They may also be involved in the maintenance and testing of these systems to ensure their reliability and efficiency.

CSE professionals work in a variety of industries, including computer hardware and software development, consulting, finance, healthcare, and more. They may work as software engineers, computer scientists, network architects, or IT professionals, among other roles.

In order to study CSE, students typically complete a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or a related field. This program typically includes coursework in topics such as programming, data structures, computer architecture, and computer systems design. Some programs may also include internships or experiential learning opportunities, which can provide valuable hands-on experience and help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field.


Q.1 Microsoft 10 was launched in the year

ANSWER= (D) 2015


Q.2 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  float a =65.2;



Q.3 The simplest function,which does nothing and returns nothing , can be written as ?

ANSWER= (D) Simplest() {}


Q.4 Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation ?

ANSWER= (C) Modern


Q.5 The result of the arithmetics expression 34*56+ is

ANSWER= (D) 42


Q.6 Which of the following is true for testing and debugging?

ANSWER= (B) Testing checks for logical errors in the programs, while debugging is a process of correcting those errors in the program.


Q.7 An organization has a class B network and wishes to form subnets for 64 departments.The subnet mask would be ?
RRB JEE(2019) Junior Engineer CBT-2



Q.8 Which of the following is not a language processor

ANSWER= (D) Bootstrap


Q.9 A Circuit which is construct from two separate filp-flop circuits,one serves as a master and the other as a slave is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Master slave filp-flop


Q.10 Contents of A plus B transferred to A can be written as

ANSWER= (A) A <- A+B


Q.11 Digital signature provides ?

ANSWER= (A) Authentication


Q.12 —- Operates in the transport mode –



Q.13 On security protocol for the email system is



Q.14 A —Network is used inside an organisation

ANSWER= (A) Privite


Q.15 — Provide security at the transport layer.

ANSWER= (D) Both a & b


Q.16 Which of the following computer is mainly related to convert analog output into digital form ?

ANSWER= (A) Hybrid computer


Q.17 First computer mouse was built by
SSC CGL 2018,RRB NTPC 2016

ANSWER= (A) Douglas Engelbart


Q.18 Which of the faster storage medium

ANSWER= (A) CPU internal registers


Q.19 Convey effect occur in

ANSWER= (C) FCFS Scheduling


Q.20 Find out the output for the following program

void main()
  typedef usingned char ABC;
  ABC a;

ANSWER= (D) 254


Q.21 Computer systems that store instructions and data without any differences and data from the same memory unit are based on _____ structure

ANSWER= (C) Von-Neumann


Q.22 Routing between autonamous system is referred to as

ANSWER= (B) intradomain routing


Q.23 The digit 0 with carry of 1 is the sum of binary addition ?

ANSWER= (A) 1+1


Q.24 (30) base 10 in binary system is

ANSWER= (A) 100111


Q.25 In the screen is maximized, then the maximize button will be temporarily replaced by the ——- button

ANSWER= (C) Re-store


Q.26 For purpose of routing,the internet is divided into –

ANSWER= (C) autonomous systems


Q.27 — Deals with the issues of creating and maintaining routing tables

ANSWER= (B) Routing


Q.28 When a primary key is defined in the table DBMS automatically creates a ———-on a primary key column ?

ANSWER= (A) Unique Index


Q.29 Which among the following is not a mobile operating system ?
IBPS PO 2016

ANSWER= (B) Safari


Q.30 The DOS Command which cannot be executed with version 1 and 2 is
RBI Grade B 2014,RBI Grade B 2013



Q.31 Which normal form is the particular dependency removed?



Q.32 A display of 3-Dimensional that shows all of its edges is known as ?

ANSWER=(A) Wire frame


Q.33 A grammer is ambiguous if there exists :

ANSWER= (A) More than one parse tree


Q.34 A compiler is a —— software

ANSWER= (B) System


Q.35 In programming , repeating some statements is usually called ?
SSC CGL 2013

ANSWER= (A) looping


Q.36 Who invented the modem ?

ANSWER= (B) AT & T information system ,USA


Q.37 Which is major data structure used in RDBMS?



Q.38 The view of total database content is:

ANSWER=(A) Conceptual view


Q.39 Which is not aggregate function?

ANSWER=(C) Create


Q.40 The purpose of DISKCOPY Command is to ?
RBI Grade B 2014

ANSWER=(D) All of these


Q.41 Form what location are 1st computer instructions available on boot up



Q.42 Missing slot covers on a computer can cause

ANSWER= (A) Over heat


Q.43 Which motherboard from factor uses 120 pin connector



Q.44 in DOS , The DIR Commant is used to
SSC CGL 2013



Q.45 A Hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into

ANSWER= (B) Sectors


Q.46 Which of the following is not OOPS concept in java

ANSWER= (D) Compilation


Q.47 Which of these keywords is used to make a class

ANSWER= (A) Class


Q.48 Which of the following are machine level languages?
ISRO Satelite Centre Bengaluru

ANSWER= (D) None


Q.49 Which of the following function(s) is/are provided by operating system?
RRB Ranchi Asst. Loco Pilot

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.50 Find out the output for the following program


ANSWER= (C) 2.0


Q.51 How many layers are there in TCP/IP Model?
Indian Ordnance Factory



Q.52 Which one of the following uses UDP as the transport protocol ?



Q.53 What is the complexity to delete a given key value node from a sorted linked list

ANSWER= (C) O(n)


Q.54 What is the complexity to remove a node from last and to insert it at the strating of a singly linked list ?

ANSWER= (C) O(n)


Q.55 What is the number of edges present in a complete graph having n vertices?

ANSWER= (B) (n*(n-1))/2


Q.56 A connected planer graph having 6 vertices 7 edge contains ——–regions.



Q.57 Which of the following register pairs can be directly stored in memory ?



Q.58 In 8085 micro processor , how many lines are there in address bus ?

ANSWER= (D) 16


Q.59 Program that duplicate the functionality of one system on another system is known as
RRB Chandigarh Asst. loco pilot

ANSWER= (A) Emulators


Q.60 Output of the assemble in machine code is referred to as ?

ANSWER= (C) Source program


Q.61 Which type of waves generate Fiber optic Cable

ANSWER= (A) Infrared Waves


Q.62 Micro Waves Introduced In

ANSWER= (B) 1946


Q.63 Which of the following is an application protocol?
RRB Ahamadabad Asst. Loco Pilot



Q.64 A file is often referred to as a ?
RRB Grade B 2012

ANSWER= (B) Document


Q.65 Which of the following are lists of commands that appear on the screen ?
IBPS Clerk 2015

ANSWER= (B) Menus


Q.66 Speed of internet connction is measured in —-?
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (C) Gbps


Q.67 The addressing mode used in an instruction of the from ADD X,Y is:

ANSWER= (D) Index


Q.68 The refreshing rate of dynamic RAM is in the range of

ANSWER= (A) 2 micro seconds


Q.69 Computer can be run manullay by the means of the

ANSWER= (D) computer control


Q.70 File with —extension stores —- and files with —– extension stores ——– ?
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (C) bmp,sound,mp3,song


Q.71 Which of the following represents the life-cycle of software development?

ANSWER= (A) Analysis – design – coding – testing- operation and maintenance


Q.72 The 10 base 5 cabling is also known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Thick Ethernet


Q.73 Microwaveshaving Frequency Between?

ANSWER= (A) 1 GHz And 300 GHz


Q.74 The electromagnetic waves ranging in frequencies between 3KHz and 1GHz are called ?

ANSWER= (D) Radio Waves


Q.75 Third generation of computers was witnessed in the years from—

ANSWER= (B) 1963-1972


Q.76 Super High Frequency(SHF) is used in ?

ANSWER= (C) Satellite communication


Q.77 Truth table is used to express

ANSWER= (B) Boolean expression


Q.78 FAQ Stands for
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (B) Frequently asked questions


Q.79 India’s faster and first multi-petaflops supercomputer named pratyush was unveiled at ?
SSC CGL 2017

ANSWER= (C) Indian institute of Tropical Meteorology ,Pune


Q.80 LEDs are usually switched ON and OFF by

ANSWER= (A) Diode in the circuit


Q.81 Which function is used to release the memory allotted in dynamic memory allocation ?

ANSWER= (B) Free ( )


Q.82 Which of the following can not be checked in a switch case statement ?

ANSWER= (C) Float


Q.83 Which of the statement we need to write, in order to check any condition.



Q.84 Find out the output for the following program

  int x=2,y=3;

ANSWER= (C) Compilation error


Q.85 Member of union use :

ANSWER= (B) Same storage location


Q.86 How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0 ?

ANSWER= (A) ceil(1.66)


Q.87 The keyword used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function is

ANSWER= (D) return


Q.88 Which of the following is a Loop statement of a C language ?

ANSWER= (D) Both (b) and (c)


Q.89 What function can be used for calculating square root of a number ?

ANSWER= (C) sqrt( )


Q.90 Int a [5] = {1, 2, 3} what is the value of a[4] ?

ANSWER= (C) Garbage value


Q.92 The top most row of keys on the standard keyboard contains———-keys,and the longest key on the keyboard is ——-
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (C) Function,space bar


Q.91 A Simple filp-flop

ANSWER= (B) is 1 bit memory


Q.93 What is the length of an IP address in bytes (pre-IPv6)?



Q.94 A person who ues his expertise for software ?

ANSWER= (B) Hacker


Q.95 Which of the following enabled to determine hoow often a user visited a website ?
IBPS Clerk 2014

ANSWER= (B) Hacker


Q.96 Which of the following operator can be used to access value at address stored in a pointer variable ?



Q.97 Which scanf( ) statement will you see to scan a float value (a) and double value (b) ? float a; double b;

ANSWER= (A) Scanf(“%f %lf” , &a, &b)


Q.98 The keyword used to represent a structure data type is ?

ANSWER= (B) Struct


Q.99 Directives are translated by the

ANSWER= (A) Pre-processor


Q.100 Union is ……….. ?

ANSWER= (A) A special type of structure


Q.101 The term “internet of things was first used by
UGC 2021

ANSWER= (C) Kevin Aston


Q.102 Which one of the following is the IEEE standard for Wimax?
UGC/NET 2020

ANSWER= (D) IEEE 802.16


Q.103 In data transfer process, which of the following is used for strengthening the signals
UGC/NET 2020

ANSWER= (D) Repeater


Q.104 The expression n=n+2 can also be written as ?

ANSWER= (C) n+=2


Q.105 Computers whcih offer information are called — and those which seek information are called ?
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (D) Servers,Clients


Q.106 Which layer of the OSI Model is mostly concerned with the syntax of the data?
UGC/NET 2020

ANSWER= (B) Presentation layer


Q.107 The size of any block in the UNIX File system is

ANSWER= (D) Any of the above


Q.108 A cycle is the

ANSWER= (C) Intermediate part of the instruction cycle


Q.109 The mnemonics used in writing a program is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Assembly language


Q.110 Which of the following devices is used to connect different network segments and manage the traffic between
UGC/NET 2020

ANSWER= (C) Bridge


Q.111 Who is the father of WWW ?

ANSWER= (B) Tim Berners-Lee


Q.112 A Common LED is made up of
DRDO 2008

ANSWER= (B) Direct Semiconductor


Q.113 Which of the following program is not a utility?

ANSWER= (C) Spooler


Q.114 What is an embedded system?
IOB PO 2011

ANSWER= (D) A computer and software system that controls a machine or appliance


Q.115 Which of the following operations are not carried out by kernal ?

ANSWER= (C) Acting as on interpreter between H/W and applications


Q.116 Which organisation developed a SAGA-220 super computer in 2011?



Q.117 Which of the following items is not used in Local Area Networks (LAN)

ANSWER= (B) Modem


Q.118 Communication between computer is almost always

ANSWER= (B) Serial


Q.119 Which of the following is not a trabsmission medium ?

ANSWER= (B) Modem


Q.120 Which was the world’s first mini computer?



Q.121 Which of the following is the smallest computer?
SBI Clerk 2011

ANSWER= (A) Notebook


Q.122 Which of the following is applicative language ?



Q.123 As compared to natural languages like English or Tamil,Hindi most of the programming language are easier to ?

ANSWER= (B) Learn


Q.124 In which generation did multi-programming start?
SBI Clerk 2010

ANSWER= (C) Third generation


Q.125 A system whose overall purpose is to record and maintain information on a computer is called ?

ANSWER= (B) Database system


Q.126 When several user access the database at the same time ,it is said to be ?

ANSWER= (B) Concurrent sharing


Q.127 The signal in the above question transmits

ANSWER= (C) 00110


Q.128 Which of the following is not a hybrid topology ?

ANSWER= (A) Star


Q.129 In second generation, which type of memory was used to store data?

ANSWER= (B) Magnetic core


Q.130 The first electronic digital computer contained?
SBI PO 2008

ANSWER= (C) Electronic valves


Q.131 Now do you initialize an array in c ?

ANSWER= (c) int arr[3]={1,2,3};


Q.132 Which of the following concepts make extensive use use of arrays?

ANSWER= (A) Spatial locality


Q.33 What is the order of a matrix?

ANSWER= (A) number of rows x number of columns


Q.134 What do you mean by Jacquard loom?
SBI PO 2011

ANSWER= (B) A weaving machine used punched cards


Q.135 Pascaline is also known as
BOB Assistant 2009

ANSWER= (C) adding machine


Q.136 Computer gathers data, which means that they allow users to ____ data
Bank Clerk 2010

ANSWER= (A) input


Q.137 Which of the following medium cannot be used for star or bus topology ?

ANSWER= (C) Optical Fibre


Q.138 Which converter has a binary input ?



Q.139 Out of LCD and LED which display consume the least power ?



Q.140 Computer derives its name from the word———–which means calculation.
Bank Clerk 2008

ANSWER= (A) Computare


Q.141 A software used to convert convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as

ANSWER= (D) Language processor


Q.142 Gate whose output is 0 only when inputs are different is called ?
IBPS PO Mains 2017



Q.143 The most widely used code that represents each character as a unique 8-bit code is



Q.144 Process of inserating an element in stack is called

ANSWER= (A) Push


Q.145 The data structure required to check whether an expression contains balanced parenthesis is ?

ANSWER= (A) Stack


Q.146 Which data structure is needed to convert infix notaion to postfix notation?

ANSWER= (c) Stack


Q.147 A linear collection of data elements where the linear node is given by means of pointer is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Linked List


Q.148 Ethernet, token ring and token bus are types of
[SBI Associates 2012



Q.149 What do we call a network whose elements may be separated by some distance? It usually involves two or more network and dedicated high speed telephone lines.
[SBI Clerk 2015



Q.150 A linear list of elements in which deletion can be done from one end (front) and insertion can take place only at the other end (rear) is known as a ?

ANSWER= (D) Queue


Q.151 ALU uses ——— to store the intermediate result.

ANSWER= (A) Accumulators


Q.152 Which of the following is the most common shared resource in a computer network?

ANSWER= (D) Printer


Q.153 The bus used to connect the monitor to the CPU is



Q.154 RTN stands for

ANSWER= (A) Register Transfer Notation


Q.155 The IP address _____ is used by hosts when they are being booted.
UGC NET 2017



Q.156 In distributed system, the capacity of a system to adapt the increased service load is called
UGC NET 2017

ANSWER= (B) Scalability


Q.157 do not take their decisions on measurements or estimates of the current traffic and topology.
UGC NET 2017

ANSWER= (C) Non-adaptive algorithm


Q.158 Which data type is such to represent the absence of parameter

ANSWER= (C) void


Q.159 In c++ what is the sign of character type by defult?

ANSWER= (B) implementation dependent


Q.160 The size of an object or a type can be determined using which operator?

ANSWER= (B) size of


Q.161 An advantages of the database approach is

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.162 A network structure

ANSWER= (B) Allows a many to many relationship


Q.163 Which software browse the internet in a systematic manner?
CBSE 2013

ANSWER= (A) Web crawler


Q.164 Which of the following statements about search engine is true?
CBSE 2011

ANSWER= (D) Search engine is a program designed to search for information on the web using keywords


Q.165 Which one of the following is Rich Text e-mail?
CBSE 2011

ANSWER= (B) Message that supports text formatting, such as bold, italic, font etc.


Q.166 BCC stands for
CBSE 2014

ANSWER= (A) Blind carbon copy


Q.167 Which of the following will not return a value?

ANSWER= (B) void


Q.168 In which type does enumerators are stored by the compiler?

ANSWER= (B) integer


Q.169 The constants are called as?

ANSWER= (c) literals


Q.170 The relational model uses some unfamiliar terminology.A tuple is a equivalent to ?

ANSWER= (A) Record


Q.171 What is the shortcut key for replace a word in a paragraph?

ANSWER= (C) Ctrl + F


Q.172 The world’s first truly cross-platform programming language is called:

ANSWER= (B) Java


Q.173 Fastest memory cell is ?
UPRVUNL JE Control & Instrumentation 2015

ANSWER= (C) Semiconductor Memory


Q.174 The number of bits needed to address 4k memory is
UPRVUNL JE Control & Instrumentation 2015

ANSWER= (C) 12


Q.175 The number of address lines in a 8 bit 4K ROM is:
BSNL (JTO) 2001

ANSWER= (C) 12


Q.176 Which of the following is not a type of printer ?
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (C) Landscape


Q.177 Email-addresses in ——– field are visible to all recipients. Email addresses in —— field are visible to only the recipient.
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (B) To and Cc, Bcc


Q.178 An antivirus program is designed to ——– computer virus.
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (B) scan device, identify and eliminate


Q.179 The data element in structure are also known as what?

ANSWER= (B) member


Q.180 What is this operator called ?

ANSWER= (A) conditional


Q.181 The basic memory cell in a DRAM is a
Uttarakhand JE Electrical (Paper-1) 2013

ANSWER= (C) Capacitor and a MOS switch


Q.182 How many type of comments are there in c++ ?



Q.183 Where does the execution of the program starts ?

ANSWER= (B) main function


Q.184 How many minimum number of functions are need to be presented in c++



Q.185 In microprocessor based system DMA refers to
Noida Metro Electronic JE 2017

ANSWER= (D) Direct memory access for the i/o devices


Q.186 Which of the following is high level language ?

ANSWER= (A) COBOL Language


Q.187 Direct numerical control machines do not use ?

ANSWER= (C) Punched tape


Q.188 Which item best describes a CAM Technology ?

ANSWER= (A) Numerical control


Q.189 Alignment buttons are available on the
RRB Chandigarh Section Eng. (Civil) 2012

ANSWER= (B) Formatting toolbar


Q.190 Now ——- is the owner of Mobile operating system “Android
RRB Chandigarh Asst. Loco Pilot 2008

ANSWER= (B) Google


191.In which of the following we cannot overload the function?

ANSWER= (A) return function


192.When our function need to return anything means what will we use/send as parameter in function

ANSWER= (A) blank space


14.What does your class can hold

ANSWER= (C) both A,B


194.The primary objective of a time-sharing operating system is to
RRB JE 2015

ANSWER= (B) Provide fast response to each user of the computer


195 Vector and ——-scanning are currently the two available types of automatic digitizing

ANSWER= (A) Raster


Q.196 COBOL is mainly used for ?

ANSWER= (B) Business data processing


Q.197 The use of transistors in computers stared in the decade commencing ?

ANSWER= (C) 1950


Q.198 Which of the following is not a part of the office suite?
LMRC J.E. 2015

ANSWER= (C) File managerC) File manager


199.Where does the object is created?

ANSWER= (A) class


200.In a computer disk scheduling involves deciding
RRB J.E. 2014

ANSWER= (B) The order in which disk access requests must be serviced


Q.201 Pick the other name of operation function?

ANSWER= (B) operator overloading


Q.202 The address to which a software or hardware restart is known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Vector location


Q.203 When alternative replace the throw statement?

ANSWER= (c) return


Q.204 Which of the following is a typical speed of a SATA hard drive?

ANSWER= (D) 7200 RPM


Q.205 The printer connects to your computer with a——-?

ANSWER= (A) DB25 parallel port


Q.206 ——– clicking on mouse selects the entire paragraph by default, while working with text document in MS word.

ANSWER= (D) Triple


Q.207 Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in
SSC CGL, 2010



Q.208 Who among the following introduced the world’s first laptop computer in the market?
SSC CGL, 2014

ANSWER= (A) Epson


Q.209 8085 has —- software restarts and —- hardware restarts
RRB JE 2014

ANSWER= (B) 8,4


Q.210 Different types of modern digital computers come under which generation.
IBPS clerk 2015

ANSWER= (D) Fifth


Q.211 Which company introduced the first desktop layer printer called LaserJet?

ANSWER= (B) Hewlett-packard


Q.212 Where is the derived class is drived from?

ANSWER= (B) base


Q.213 Which of the following in not there in motherboard?



Q.214 Which symbol is used to create multiple inheritance?

ANSWER= (B) comma


Q.215 Which of the following is machine independent program?
SBI Clerk 2015

ANSWER= (A) High level language


Q.216 Which header file is used to pass unknown nunber to argument to function?

ANSWER= (C) stdarg.h


Q.217 Which of the following printers produces noise?

ANSWER= (A) DOT matrix printer


(vi) BIOS stand for

ANSWER= (A) Basic Input Output System


Q.219 An antivirus program is designed to ———– computer virus.
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (B) scan device, identify and eliminate


Q.220 Which of the following actions will not delete a file on windows desktop?.
KVS 2018

ANSWER= (B) double click on file, hit delete key


Q.221 What is called VDU ?

ANSWER= (C) Both (a) and (b)


Q.222 Software is

ANSWER= (C) Set of programs 


Q.223 CPU Scheduler is also known as
SSC CGL, 2016

ANSWER= (C) Short-term Scheduler


Q.224 Which among the given options is IBM’s Supercomputer?
IBPS PO Mains, 2016

ANSWER= (C) Watson


Q.225 Weibo is a micro-blogging site popular in
IBPS Clerk Mains, 2016

ANSWER= (D) China


Q.226 Which of the following is not a part of the ROM:

ANSWER= (D) None of the above


Q.227 During software development which factor is most crucial?

ANSWER= (A) People 


Q.228 Which of the following is not a part of the RAM?



Q.229 Program is ?

ANSWER= (A) Subset of software


Q.230 Why do you log off from your computer when going out from your office?
IBPS Clerk Mains 2016

ANSWER= (A) Someone might steal your files, passwords etc.


Q.231 Which of the following system is a function of dedicated PCs?
IBPS Clerk Mains 2016

ANSWER= (B) Meant for the single task


Q.232 The term _____ refers to any computer component that is required to perform work.
SBI Clerk 2011

ANSWER= (C) Resource


Q.233 Software consists of

ANSWER= (B) Progarms + Documentation + Opearting


Q.234 Which of the following is the permanent memory of the computer:



Q.235 What is output?
SBI Clerk 2011

ANSWER= (D) What the processor gives to the user


(xi) Which of the following memory programme can’t be removed by us?



Q.237 SDLC Stands for

ANSWER= (B) Software development life cycle


Q.238 SRS Stands for

ANSWER= (A) software requirements specification


Q.239 Which printer cannot print more than one character at a time?

ANSWER= (B) Daisy-whee


Q.240 Which of the following houses the most important parts of a computer system?

ANSWER= (B) Daisy-whee


Q.241 What is the name of the microprocessor manufactured by Pentium.

ANSWER= (B) IC 80486


Q.242 Which phase is not available in software life cycle

ANSWER= (D) Abstraction


Q.243 What is the full form of VGA

ANSWER= (D) Video Graphic Array


Q.244 The operation of computer is controlled by
RRB JE 2015

ANSWER= (D) Processing system


Q.245 Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym
SBI Clerk 2009



Q.246 What is the name of 64 bit microprocessor manufactured by AMD

ANSWER= (D) Both (a) and (b)


Q.247 DFD stands for

ANSWER= (C) Data flow digram


Q.248 On the following, which is the fastest?
SSC CGL 2012

ANSWER= (C) CPU Registers


Q.249 Intel Pentium chips uses ?

ANSWER= (C) Both of above


Q.250 Which computer was the first to use the magnetic drum for memory?
SSE CGL 2005


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Chapter Wise MCQs of C Programming

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4Looping StructureCLICK CLICK
8Structure and UnionsCLICKCLICK
9C Interview QuestionCLICKCLICK
10 File Operations IOCLICKCLICK
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