MCQs on Function in C

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C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.1 What is the default return type if it is not specified in function definition?

ANSWER= (A) int


Q.2 The default parameter passing mechanism is

ANSWER= (A) Call by value


Q.3 Functions can return structure in c?



Q.4 What are the types of functions in C Language?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.5 Choose a correct statement about C language function arguments.

ANSWER= (D) All the above


Q.6 Which of the following example of user defined function

ANSWER= (A) sum()


Q.7 Which of the Advantage of function

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.8 What characters are allowed in a C function name identifier?

ANSWER= (B) Alphabets, Numbers, Underscore ( _ )


Q.9 What is the limit for number of functions in a C Program?

ANSWER= (D) No Limit


Q.10 A function which calls itself is called a ___ function

ANSWER= (B) Recursive Function


Q.11 The functions which we create for specific task is known as —- functions

ANSWER= (B) Predefine Function


Q.12 Which of the following advantages of modular programming

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.13 Users can create their own functions for performing any specific task of the program

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.14 Declaring a function is also called as ?

ANSWER= (B) Function prototype


Q.15 Find out the output for the following program

  void sum(int a,int b)
  int z;
  int c;


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