BIOS Multiple Choice Question & Answer

This page provides you with 20 MCQs of BIOS (Basic input output system) that is very useful for many exams. BIOS   Q.1 BIOS Stand for? A) Basics input output System B) Basic input output System C) Basic input outcome System D) None of these ANSWER= (B) Basic input output System Check Answer   Q.2 … Read more

What is a Motherboard

Motherboard A motherboard is the main board of a computer system that is also known as mother, mobo ,mainboard ,base board, backplane board, system board, biggest board or main circuit board. Motherboard is the most mportant part/componets in any personal computer It contains almost every important parts of computer system , motherboard contains CPU , … Read more

Motherboard MCQs

Motherboard MCQs


What is System Maintenance System maintenance is an going activity which covers a wide variety of activity ,including removing program and design errors , updating documentation and test and updating user support for the purpose of convenience. ➤ These MCQ Based On a Basic System Maintenance   Q.1 SM Stands For ? A) System Main … Read more

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