Motherboard MCQs

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It is main circuit board of the computer system that holds the other circuits of the computer.

It serves as the central hub that connects & allows communication between various hardware components within a computer system.

It is also known as Mother of the computer system.

Components and features of a motherboard

  • CPU Socket
  • RAM Slots
  • Expansion Slots
  • Storage Connectors
  • Power Connectors
  • Peripheral Connectors
  • Graphics Interface
Motherboard MCQs

Motherboard MCQs


Q.1 In the computer ,the board containing micro-processor,RAM,ROM,PCI Sloat and other components is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Mother Board 


Q.2 In motherboard,PATA Stand For ?

ANSWER= (B) Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment 


Q.1 Motherboard is a ?

ANSWER= (B) A circuit board which connects all the elements  


Q.4 The main circuit board in the computer system unit is also called ?

ANSWER= (C) Motherboard  


Q.5 Boards that are used to connect additional devices to the motherboard are called as ?

ANSWER= (B) Expamsion Slots  


Q.6 The buggest board of the computer system is called as ?

ANSWER= (C) Motherboard  


Q.7 The DC voltage on most circuit board is

ANSWER= (A) + 5 volts  


Q.8 In motherboard,PCI Stand for

ANSWER= (A) Peripheral components Interconnect  


Q.9 In motherboard,CMOS Stand for

ANSWER= (C) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor  


Q.10 In motherboard , RAID Stands for

ANSWER= (C) both A & B 


Q.11 In motherboard , BIOS Stand for

ANSWER= (A) Basic Input Output System 


Q.12 In motherboard , NIC Stand for

ANSWER= (C) Network Interface Card  


Q.13 In motherboard , IDE Stand for

ANSWER= (A) Integrated Drive Electronics  


Q.14 A port of computer may be connected to

ANSWER= (D) both A & C  


Q.15 In a computer,Expansion cards are inserted into ?

ANSWER= (C) Slots of CPU  


Q.16 USB Stands For

ANSWER= (A) Universal Serial Bus  


Q.17 The Backbone of computer is called

ANSWER= (C) Motherboard  


Q.18 Which would you have to upgrade to install an EIDE drive?

ANSWER= (C) Controller board  


Q.19 Computer Expansion slots connects the interface cards to the

ANSWER= (B) Motherboard  


Q.20 External Devices that are connected to a computer system is known as

ANSWER= (C) Peripheral Device  

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