What is Number system

Number system Information Representation and codes The computer is required to store the following type of data i.e. octal and hexadecimal numbers are now widely used to compress long strings of binary data. Following numbers system in which data represented MSD (Most Significant Digit):- The leftmost digit having the highest weight is called as the … Read more

Generation of computer

Evolution of computer is categorized by increasing processor speed, increasing memory size increasing input output capacity and speed. First Generation{1942-1964} EX:-ENIAC, EDVAC, UNIUAC, IBM-7401 Second Generation {1952-1964} IBM1620, IBM7094, CPC1604 Third Generation {1964-1971} Some example:-IBM-360 Series, FMB-360, Honcy well 6000 series Fourth Generation{1971-1990} EX:-DEC-10,STAR-1000,CARY-1 Note:- CRAY-1 is the first supper computer. Fifth Generation{1990-Present} EX:-Desktop, Laptop, … Read more

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