Generation of computer

Evolution of computer is categorized by increasing processor speed, increasing memory size increasing input output capacity and speed.

First Generation{1942-1964}

  • It is a un Reliable and very costly.
  • Support machine language only.
  • Generate lot of heat.
  • Slow in process.
  • Huge in size not portable.
  • consume lot of electricity.


Second Generation {1952-1964}

  • In this Generation use to Transistors
  • It is Reliable Than first
  • Smaller in size than first.
  • Consume less electricity and portable than first.
  • Less heat generation
  • Faster than first
  • Support machine Language and Assembly language
  • Still very costly.
  • Some example of second Generation of computer.

IBM1620, IBM7094, CPC1604

Third Generation {1964-1971}

  • In this Generation is used to integrated circuit.
  • More reliable and smaller in size.
  • Still costly and less heat produce.
  • Portable
  • Consume less electricity and faster.
  • Support high level language

Some example:-IBM-360 Series, FMB-360, Honcy well 6000 series

Fourth Generation{1971-1990}

  • In this generation is used to VLSI technology. The stands for VLSI is Very Large Scale Integration.
  • Microprocessor come in use.
  • Less costly portable and Reliable.
  • Smaller in size and use pc
  • Easily available in the market.



CRAY-1 is the first supper computer.

Fifth Generation{1990-Present}

  • In this generation is used to ULSI Technology. The stands for ULSI is  Ultra Large-Scale Integration.
  • Development of AI (Artificial intelligent)
  • Advancement in parallel processing.
  • More reliable and smaller in size(computer)
  • Availability of very powerful and compact computer a less price.

EX:-Desktop, Laptop, Notebook,

Generation of computer

Families of computer

There are two types of computer Families

1.Intel Pentium series

2.Power PC

1.Intel Pentium series:-

♣ In term of market intel most suited intel use to development of microprocessor one after another every four year.

(a) 8080 Microprocessor:-

♣ Word first general purpose micro processor.

This was 8 bit.

(b) 8085 Microprocessor:-

It is extended from of 8080.

It is also 8 bit.

(c) 8086 Microprocessor:-

♣ It is more powerful than previous developed microprocessor.

It is 16 bit Microprocessor.

(d) 80286 Microprocessor:-

It is 16 bit Microprocessor.

(e) 80386 Microprocessor:-

It is 32 bit Microprocessor.

(f) Pentium :-

It is use super scale technique.

(g) Pentium-2:-

It is designed for audio, video and Graphic technology.

(h) Pentium-3:-It was 3D Support.

(i) INTEL Core i3 processor

(j)INTEL Core i5

(k) INTEL Core i7

2. POWER PC (Personal computer):-

(a) 601:- It is 32 bit microprocessor developed in 1986.

(b) 603:- Mainly used in desktop in 1986.

(c) 620:- Used for high operation and server.

(d) 740/750:-G3 PROCESSOR



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