Computer MCQs Set-10

In this page provide you Computer MCQs Set-10 that is very useful for competitive exams.   Q.181 Where was the first computer in india installed ? UPSSSC 2016 A) Tata institute of fundamental research,mumbai B) ISI(Indian statistical institute) , Kolkata C) CRL(Compunational Researech Laboratory),Pune D) Indian Railway,New Delhi ANSWER= (B) ISI(Indian statistical institute) , Kolkata … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-9

Hello students welcome to CSE Study247, Today I am provide you Computer MCQs Set-9 , it contain 20 Computer multiple choice question with answer that is very useful for Government exam. A computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of tasks, including storing, retrieving, and processing data, and running programs or applications. … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-7

  Q.121 The second generation of computers was witnessed in the years from UPSSSC 2018 A) 1940-1956 B) 1963-1972 C) 1957-1962 D) 1973 Present ANSWER= (C) 1957-1962 Check Answer   Q.122 Speed of first generation computer was in A) nano second B) milli second C) nano-milli second D) micro seconds ANSWER= (B) milli second Check … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-6

  Q.101 An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is — A) CPU B) Memory C) Storage D) File ANSWER=(B) Memory Check Answer   Q.102 Computer built before the first generation computer was A) Mechanical B) Electromechanical C) Electrical D) Electronics ANSWER= (B) Electromechanical Check Answer   Q.103 —is … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-5

  Q.81 Punched card is also called RRB NTPC 2016 A) Video card B) Sound card C) Hollerith card D) Accelerator card ANSWER= (C) Hollerith card Check Answer   Q.82 Name the first general purpose electronic computer ? A) ADVAC B) EDVAC C) ADSAC D) UNNIVAC ANSWER= (D) UNNIVAC Check Answer   Q.83 Computer size … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-4

  Q.61 Which of the following devices can be sued to directky image printed text ? A) OCR B) OMR C) MICR D) None ANSWER=(A) OCR Check Answer   Q.62 The output quality of a printer is measured By ? A) Dot per inch B) Dot per sq.inch C) Dots printed per unit time D) … Read more

Computer MCQs Set-3

  Q.41 What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful? A) ROM information can be easily updated   B) Data in ROM is non-volatile that is it remains there even without electrical power C) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage     D) None     ANSWER= (B) Data in ROM is non-volatile that … Read more

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