Computer MCQs Set-10

In this page provide you Computer MCQs Set-10 that is very useful for competitive exams.

computer mcq sets


Q.181 Where was the first computer in india installed ?

    UPSSSC 2016

ANSWER= (B) ISI(Indian statistical institute) , Kolkata


Q.182 First supercomputer developed in india is



Q.183 Where is RAM located ?

ANSWER= (B) Mother Board


Q.184 If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Multiprocessor


Q.185 Pratyush is —- fastest supercomputer in the world ?

ANSWER= (D) fourth


Q.186 Example of super computer is

    UPSSSC 2016

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.187 Data is stored in computer ?

ANSWER= (C) Binary


Q.188 Where are saved files stored in computer ?

ANSWER= (B) Hard disk


Q.189 Which of the following is a supercomputer developed by india ?

    SSC CGL 2018

ANSWER= (A) Param yuva 2


Q.190 Which among following is odd ?

ANSWER= (A) Param yuva 2


Q.191 Which of the following operations are performed by RAM ?

ANSWER= (C) Read and Write


Q.192 Who among the following is called father of super computer

    SSC CGL 2018

ANSWER= (C) seymour Cray


Q.193 Which of the following is secondary storage device ?

ANSWER= (A) Hard Disk


Q.194 Choose the odd one out

ANSWER= (D) Digital computer


Q.195 USB is which type of storage device ?

ANSWER= (C) Tertiary


Q.196 What is used to make computer chips ?

ANSWER= (A) Silicon


Q.197 1 Mega Byte is equal to

ANSWER= (B) 1024 Kilo Bytes


Q.198 Which is odd one ?



Q.199 In banking, railways etc which computers are used ?

ANSWER= (A) Main Frames


Q.200 Caculator works on which type of computer’s work method ?

ANSWER= (C) Digital Computers

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