Computer MCQs Set-2

computer mcq sets

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  • In this Article discuss about 20 Basic MCQ in computer science


Q.21 MIS Stands for?

ANSWER= (A) Medium scale Integrated circuits   


Q.22 The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is

ANSWER= (D) 1.44 MB  


Q.23 WAN Stand for?

ANSWER= (B) Wide Area Network  


Q.24 MICR Stands for

ANSWER= (A) Magnetice ink character Reader  


Q.25 EBCDIC Stnds for?

ANSWER= (A) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code   


Q.26 Which of the following is a part of the central processig unit?

ANSWER= (C) Arithmetic & logic unit   


Q.27 CAD Stands for?

ANSWER= (A) Computer aided design  


Q.28 A computer cannot perform which of the following function ?

ANSWER= (D) Bake a cake


Q.29 A collection of unprocessed items is

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ANSWER= (B) Data


Q.30 What the benifit of computer is/are

ANSWER= (A) Very fast and can store huge amount of data


Q.31 A computer cannot boot if it does not have the?

ANSWER= (B) Operating system  


Q.32 The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called?

ANSWER= (B) line spacing  


Q.33 Example of Non numeric data is?

ANSWER= (A) Employee address  


Q.44 What is embedded system?

ANSWER= (D) The computer and software system that control the machine   


Q.35 Computer cannot perform

ANSWER= (C) Thinking


Q.36 ——is the appearance of typed characters?

ANSWER= (B) Format  


Q.37 When a file is saved for the first time?

ANSWER= (A) it must be given a name to identify it 


Q.38 Which among the following cycle consists of input,processing,output and storage as its constituents ?

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ANSWER= (C) Data


Q.39 Where are data and programme stored when the processor uses them?

ANSWER= (A) Main memory 


Q.40 — Represents raw facts,where as —- is data made Meaningful

ANSWER= (B) Data,information

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