Hello students welcome to CSE Study247 This page provide 20 Multiple choice question with Answer that is very useful of Computer science students like preparation of many exam Like ( ISRO,DRDO ,Semester, Interview , Railway & another Government Sector) C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this … Read more

Operator in C/C++

Operator:- Types of operator:- There are two types of operator 1.According to operand:- 2.According to operand there are three types of operator. A. Unary operator:- B. Binary operator:- C. Ternary Operator:- 2.According to the calculation:- [i] Arithmetic operator [ii] Bitwise operator [iii] Conditional operator [iv] Decrement & Increment operator [v] Logical operator [vi] Assignment operator … Read more

Data Types in C Programming

Data type is a keyword. It decide size of data in C/C++ programming which type of data can be stored in program. In C/C++ all the data must be stored in the variable. There are different types of data so it is necessary to specify which type of data the variable should store to perform … Read more

Basic Structure of c program

1.Header file [#include<stdio.h> , conio.h , math.h , string.h] #incluide<stdio.h:- 👉 This command is a preprocessor directive in c which contain all standard input and output files before compile any c program.2.Global variable3.main()4.{5.Local variable6.Body/Statement7.} ❶ Header file 👉 This is a collection of files that contains many functions. ✪ Stdio.h 👉 This also known as … Read more

What is Language

Language is a technique to explain our ideas and feelings to other Language Generally, language contains two-part 1. Grammer:- It means rule and regulation 2.syntax:-It means writing style. History of language in computer 1.ALGOL(Algorithmic language) 2. BCPL (Basic combined programming language) 3. B Language 4. C Language 5. ANSI C 1. ALGOL:- 👉 It was … Read more

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