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C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.41 By default a function return value of type



Q.42 is the set of instructions provided to a computer system to perform a specific task

ANSWER= (A) Program


Q.43 The sign “ # ” of the compiler directive must appear at the ……… of a line.

ANSWER= (A) Beginning


Q.44 Which of the following is formulated which gives the solution for a problem ?

ANSWER= (B) Algorithm


Q.45 Which function is used to release the memory allotted in dynamic memory allocation ?

ANSWER= (B) Free ( )


Q.46 The reserved words in c are called as —

ANSWER= (A) Keyword


Q.47 The ………. Statement causes the loop to be terminated.

——–Semester Exam (2017) SBTE——-

ANSWER= (B) Break


Q.48 In the C language,the character type of constant is delimited by using

—– RRB JE 2014—–

ANSWER= (A) Single quotes


Q.49 Which of the following is a logical operator ?

————Semester Exam (2017) SBTE——–

ANSWER= (A) &&


Q.50 Which of the following is the inequality operator >

ANSWER= (B) !=


Q.51 If “ a ” is an integer variable, then a=5/2; will return a value

    SBTE 2017



Q.52 Precedence determines which operator

ANSWER= (A) is evaluated first


Q.53 Which of the following is false in “ C ”.

SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (D) Keyword can be used as variable names.


Q.54 The two operators && and || are

SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (C) Logical operators


Q.55 Which of the following is a bitwise operator ?

SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (B) <<


Q.56 In C langauge ,which of the following operators has the highest precedance ?

ANSWER= (A) + (unary)


Q.57 Which of the following is the correct way of declarion a float pointer :
SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (B) Float *ptr ;


Q.58 C is the —— language

ANSWER= (C) Both Low and High Level


Q.59 You require to write and run c program

ANSWER= (D) All of above


Q.60 Which committee standardize “ C ” programming language ?

SBTE 2017


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