C Programming MCQs Set-7

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This page provide you (C Programming MCQs Set-7) – 20 Multiple choice question with Answer that is very useful of Computer science students like preparation of many exam Like ( ISRO,DRDO ,Semester, Interview , Railway & another Government Sector)

C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.121 ________ is a process in which a function calls itself..

ANSWER= (A) Recursion


Q.122 A character array always ends with ______.

ANSWER= (C) Null (‘\0’) character


Q.123 The structure combines variables of ________ data type.

ANSWER= (B) Dissimilar


Q.124 Printf() function is defined in which header file?

ANSWER= (A) stdio.h


Q.125 Array is a data type which stores ………….. type of data.

ANSWER= (B) similar


Q.126 In What language is unix written ?



Q.127 Standard ANSI C recognizes ______ number of keywords?

ANSWER= (C) 32


Q.128 Which of the statement we need to write in order to check any condition ?



Q.129 What is the full form of ANSI?

ANSWER= (B) American National Standards Institute


Q.130 Which is the only function all C programs must contain?

ANSWER= (C) main()


Q.131 An array elements are always stored in ________ memory locations.

ANSWER= (A) Sequentia


Q.132 Which variable are used for storing the address of other variable?

ANSWER= (B) Pointer


Q.133 Which of the following is general form of while loop?

ANSWER= (A) While (condition) {statement}


Q.134 When we mention the prototype of a function?

ANSWER= (B) Declaring


Q.135 Which of the following is C-compiler?

ANSWER= (C) Both (a) & (b)


Q.136 Which of the following is correct for declaration of 2D-array?

ANSWER= (B) a[100][100]


Q.137 Sqrt() is which type of function?

ANSWER= (A) Library function


Q.138 Which of the following type of array is used for matrix related calculation?

ANSWER= (A) 2D array


Q.139 Compiler converts…….level to…….level language.

ANSWER= (A) high, low


Q.140 Find out the output for the following program

  int main() a = 5, b= 3.3;
  printf(“%d%f”, &a,&b )

ANSWER= (C) Compile-time error

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