C Programming MCQs SET-5

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This page provide (C Programming MCQs SET-5) – 20 Multiple choice question with Answer that is very useful of Computer science students like preparation of many exam Like ( ISRO,DRDO ,Semester, Interview , Railway & another Government Sector)

C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.81 Which function is used to release the memory allotted in dynamic memory allocation ?

ANSWER= (B) Free ( )


Q.82 Which of the following can not be checked in a switch case statement ?

ANSWER= (C) Float


Q.83 Which of the statement we need to write, in order to check any condition.



Q.84 Find out the output for the following program

  int x=2,y=3;

ANSWER= (C) Compilation error


Q.85 Member of union use :

ANSWER= (B) Same storage location


Q.86 How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0 ?

ANSWER= (A) ceil(1.66)


Q.87 The keyword used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function is

ANSWER= (D) return


Q.88 Which of the following is a Loop statement of a C language ?

ANSWER= (D) Both (b) and (c)


Q.89 What function can be used for calculating square root of a number ?

ANSWER= (C) sqrt( )


Q.90 Int a [5] = {1, 2, 3} what is the value of a[4] ?

ANSWER= (C) Garbage value


Q.91 Minimum number of temporary variable needs to swap the contents of two variable is ?



Q.92 Which header file can be used to define input/ output function ?

ANSWER= (C) stdio.h


Q.92 …………………is a self contained block of statement that performs a coherent task of some kind ?

ANSWER= (A) Function


Q.94 Which of the following is not a correct variable type ? some kind ?

ANSWER= (B) Real


Q.95 C Programming, the constant is defined some kind ?

ANSWER= (A) Anywhere, but starting on a new line


Q.96 Which of the following operator can be used to access value at address stored in a pointer variable ?



Q.97 Which scanf( ) statement will you see to scan a float value (a) and double value (b) ? float a; double b;

ANSWER= (A) Scanf(“%f %lf” , &a, &b)


Q.98 The keyword used to represent a structure data type is ?

ANSWER= (B) Struct


Q.99 Directives are translated by the

ANSWER= (A) Pre-processor


Q.100 Union is ……….. ?

ANSWER= (A) A special type of structure

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