Java Programming MCQs SET-5

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Java Basic MCQs | Java Multiple Choose Question with answer

Java Programming

Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on billions of devices, including notebook computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, medical devices and many others. The rules and syntax of Java are based on the C and


Q.81 Which of the following is not OOPS concept in java

ANSWER= (D) Compilation


Q.82 Which of these keywords is used to make a class

ANSWER= (A) Class


Q.83 What is the return type of a method that does not return any value

ANSWER= (C) Void


Q.84 Method having same name as its class name is

ANSWER= (C) Constructor


Q.85 Which method can be defined only once in a program

ANSWER= (A) Main method


Q.86 Size of an integer can bem

ANSWER= (D) -2^15 to 2^15 -1


Q.87 Which of the following assignment operator doesn’t exist in java

ANSWER= (C) >>>


Q.88 Which loop is always executed once

ANSWER= (C) Do-while


Q.89 Which of the following is not valid flow control statement

ANSWER= (D) Exit();


Q.90 A top level class may have which one of the following access modifiers

ANSWER= (D) public


Q.91 A subclass in also called as

ANSWER= (C) Derived class


Q.92 Which of the following is not a wrapper class

ANSWER= (A) Vector


Q.93 A default constructor has

ANSWER= (A) No arguments


Q.94 Math class belongs to the package

ANSWER= (B) Java.lang


Q.95 A package is a collection of

ANSWER= (D) Class and interfaces


Q.96 Primary purpose of inheritance is

ANSWER= (A) Code reuse


Q.97 Which method/methods cannot be overridden

ANSWER= (D) Both (a) and (b)


Q.98 Which of the following does not deal with exceptions

ANSWER= (C) Finalize


Q.99 What is the default priority of a thread in java



Q.100 The class at the top of the AWT hierarchy is

ANSWER= (A) Component

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