Java Programming MCQs SET-4

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Java Basic MCQs | Java Multiple Choose Question with answer

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Java Programming

Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on billions of devices, including notebook computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, medical devices and many others. The rules and syntax of Java are based on the C and


Q.61 The process that focuses on only important characteristics is known as:

ANSWER= (B) Polymorphism


Q.62 Which statement is true regarding an object: –

ANSWER= (B) An object is an instance of a class


Q.63 An object-oriented programming composition relates to

ANSWER= (B) In refers to coherent, common, behavior


Q.64 In object-oriented programming a new classes can be defined by extending existing classes

ANSWER= (D) Inheritance


Q.65 Give a class name Book, which one of these is a valid constructor declaration for the class:

ANSWER= (D) Abstract Book ()


Q.66 The wrapping of data and functions into a sigh unit is called

ANSWER= (A) Encapsulation


Q.67 Polymorphism is a characteristic of:

ANSWER= (A) JAVA language


Q.68 The numerical range of a char data type in Java:

ANSWER= (A) -128 to 127


Q.69 Which of the following events will cause a thread to die? i.e. called

ANSWER= (D) Execution of run () method is called


Q.70 Which of the following method is true regarding finalize ()

ANSWER= (B) Finalize () method can be overloaded


Q.71 Which of the following is valid method for declaration in Java:

ANSWER= (D) void method ()


Q.72 The concept of multiple interface implementations in Java by:

ANSWER= (B) Extending one classes and implementing


Q.73 File class is included in which package.



Q.74 What is the sequence of major events in the life cycle of an applet:

ANSWER= (A) init, start, stop destroy


Q.75 Threading provides execution of:

ANSWER= (C) All related program sub blocks executes simultaneous


Q.76 Which of these operations is used to allocate memory to array variable in Java?



Q.77 Which one of the following class is a valid definition that can not be extended?

ANSWER= (A) Final class link()


Q.78 Which statement is true about accessibility of members ?

ANSWER= (B) The private members are accessible in the class


Q.79 The default value of a static integer variable of a class in Java is



Q.80 The field in an interface is implicitly specified as

ANSWER= (D) Both static and final

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