C++ Programming MCQs

Hey Guys Welcome to CSE Study247, In this page provides you C++ Programming MCQs

C++ Programming MCQs

This page provides you with C++ Programming Multiple Choice questions with Answers Which is very useful for many exams of computer science students like Semester, DRDO, ISRO, Banking, Railway etc.

About C++

C++ is a programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983 at Bell Labs. It is an extension of the C programming language and provides object-oriented and generic programming features. C++ is widely used for systems and application programming, as well as for games and other high-performance applications. The language is standardized by the ISO and is often used in large-scale software development projects. Some popular applications and systems that are written in C++ include the Windows and Linux operating systems, Adobe Systems, and many video games.

C++ Programming MCQs

11 To 20 CLICK
220 To 40CLICK
340 To 60 CLICK
460 To 80 CLICK
580 To100CLICK
6100 To 120CLICK
7120 To 140CLICK
8140 To 160CLICK
9160 To 180 CLICK
10180 To 200CLICK

Chapter Wise MCQs of C++ Programming

1Control and Looping Statements CLICKCLICK
4Class & ObjectCLICKCLICK
6Constructor & Destructor CLICKCLICK
7Inheritance CLICKCLICK
8Pointer, Virtual Function,
9Exception Handling , Template CLICKCLICK
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