Computer Graphics MCQ-2

Hello students in this page provide you Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Question With Answer

Computer Graphics Multiple choice Question With Answer

  • Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that is used to to display the images, photos, pictures, graphics ,chart etc.
  • It may also be defined as a branch of computer science that is used to create or develop images or pictures using the computer. It also allows to store the images or pictures on the computer.
  • This MCQ Sets is very useful of many Exam like Semester ,ISRO, DRDO ,Banking ,Railway etc.


Q.1 The quantity of an image depend on

ANSWER= (A) No. of pixel used by image


Q.2 If the magnitude of the curve slope is lesser than 1, then:
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ANSWER= (B) We can plot vertical spans


Q.3 The process of determining the appropriate pixels for representing picture or graphics object is called as

ANSWER= (B) Rasterization


Q.4 The process of discreate pixels is known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Scan coversion


Q.5 Higher the number of pixels—– the image quality

ANSWER= (B) Better


Q.6 One of the methods for displaying thick curve.
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ANSWER= (A) Curve slope


Q.7 The picture is produced on the monitor and the user does not have any change on this pictrure is known as ?

ANSWER= (D) Both B & C


Q.8 The picture is produced on the monitor and the user can change is known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Interactive


Q.9 A palette can be defined as a finite set of colors for managing the

ANSWER= (B) Digital images


Q.10 Which one is the rigid body transformation that moves object without deformation?
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ANSWER= (A) Translation


Q.11 TV Show is an example of

ANSWER= (B) Non Interactive


Q.12 Display card are

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.13 Ping -Pong Game is an example of

ANSWER= (A) Interactive


Q.14 An ellipse can also be rotated about its co-ordinates by rotating
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ANSWER= (B) Major and minor axis


Q.15 Which of the following is not a line-type?
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ANSWER= (B) Dark line


Q.16 Several graphics image file formats that are used by most of graphics system are

ANSWER= (D) All of These


Q.17 PPI Stands for

ANSWER= (A) Pixels per inch


Q.18 GIF Stands for

ANSWER= (C) Graphics interchange format


Q.19 The GIF format is much —— to be downloaded or uploaded over the www.

ANSWER= (A) Faster


Q.20 Pixel mask means:
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ANSWER= (C) A string containing 1 and 0

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