Computer Graphics MCQ-7

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Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that is used to to display the images, photos, pictures, graphics ,chart etc.

Computer Graphics Multiple choice Question With Answer

It may also be defined as a branch of computer science that is used to create or develop images or pictures using the computer. It also allows to store the images or pictures on the computer.

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Q.1 How many matrices are required to rotate an object about points (x,y)?

    SBTE 2019



Q.2 In vector scan display the phosphor is to be refreshed at least — time per second to avoid ficker

ANSWER= (D) 30


Q.3 In raster scan diplay the dispaly image is stored in the form of —- in the refresh buffer ?

ANSWER= (C) 1s & 0s


Q.4 The technique is used for producing image on the CRT is

ANSWER= (C) Bot A & B


Q.5 Expansion of line DDA algorithm is

    SBTE 2018

ANSWER= (C) Digital Differntial analyzer


Q.6 If direction of rotation is Z-axis, then direction of position of positive rotation is:

ANSWER= (B) z to x


Q.7 Computer graphics allow communication through

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.8 GPU stands for

ANSWER= (C) Graphic Process Unit


Q.9 Which of the following are not graphics devices?

ANSWER= (B) Video Game


Q.10 CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) is introduced by——– and when?

ANSWER= (C) IBM 1981


Q.11 Which of the following displays required low memory?

ANSWER= (A) Random scan


Q.12 Raster Scan display used —-tubes.



Q.13 Which method are used to construct and position the straight lines arcs and circles etc

    SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (A) Rubber band method


Q.14 A method used to test lines for total cipping is equivalent to the

    SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (C) Logical AND


Q.15 Graphics can be

ANSWER= D) All of these


Q.16 CAD stands for

ANSWER= (C) Computer-aided design


Q.17 Which of the following components of Interactive computer graphics are

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.18 The — algorithm divides 2D Space into 9 regions of which only the middle part is visible.

    SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (A) Cohen Sutherland


Q.19 The higher number of pixels gives us a——- image

ANSWER= (C) Better


Q.20 The region code of a point within the window is

    SBTE 2017

ANSWER= (B) 0000

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