Computer Graphics MCQ-10

Hello students in this page provide you Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Question With Answer

Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that is used to to display the images, photos, pictures, graphics ,chart etc.

Computer Graphics Multiple choice Question With Answer

It may also be defined as a branch of computer science that is used to create or develop images or pictures using the computer. It also allows to store the images or pictures on the computer.

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Q.1 Reflection of a point about X-axis followed by a counter clockwise rotation of 90 degree is equivalent to reflection about the line ?

    SBTE 2014

ANSWER= (C) x = y


Q.2 Raster is a synonym for the term ?

    SBTE 2014

ANSWER= (B) Matrix


Q.3 How many K bytes does a plane butter need in a 600 *400 pixel

ANSWER= (B) 29.30nkb


Q.4 For a 2d transformation viewing in how many ways a cliping algorithm can be applied



Q.5 Two successive transformations are

ANSWER= (D) Additive


Q.6 The method super sampling is associated with

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ANSWER= (C) Antialiasing


Q.7 An accurate and efficient raster line-generating algorithm is

ANSWER= (D) Bresenham’s line algorithm


Q.8 CGS Stands for

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ANSWER= (D) Bresenham’s line algorithm


Q.9 The transformation that is used to alter the size of an object is

ANSWER= (A) Scaling


Q.10 Shearing is also termed as

ANSWER= (D) Skewing


Q.11 The method super sampling is associated with

    SBTE 2014

ANSWER= (C) Antialiasing


Q.12 Which method are used to construct and position the straight lines, arcs and circles etc.

ANSWER= (A) Rubber band method


Q.13 Symbolic representation of some object or process is called

ANSWER= (A) Icons


Q.14 Which are not the graphics object displayed in computer graphics?

ANSWER= (B) Text


Q.15 The basic geometric transformations are



Q.16 A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a :


ANSWER= (C) Ellipse


Q.17 A line with endpoints codes as 0000 and 0100 is :


ANSWER= (A) Partially invisible


Q.18 The color code “000” is for

ANSWER= (B) Black


Q.19 Color information can be stored in ?

ANSWER= (A) Frame buffer


Q.20 Which of the following technique is used in Midpoint subdivision ?

ANSWER= (B) Binary search

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