Computer Graphics MCQ-4

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  • Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that is used to to display the images, photos, pictures, graphics ,chart etc.
Computer Graphics Multiple choice Question With Answer
  • It may also be defined as a branch of computer science that is used to create or develop images or pictures using the computer. It also allows to store the images or pictures on the computer.

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Q.1 Which image files are a lossy format ?

    SBTE 2019



Q.2 Refresh CRT consist of

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.3 The information of the memory buffer typically consists of —– values

ANSWER= (C) color


Q.4 The quake one of the first fully 3D games was released in year

ANSWER= (C) 1996


Q.5 How many step process for creating a 3D animation ?

SBTE 2019



Q.6 Vector graphics is composed of

ANSWER= (B) Paths


Q.7 Which of the following of output device

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.8 Which of the following of input device

ANSWER= (D) Sensors


Q.9 Plptters is a

ANSWER= (B) Output Device


Q.10 JPEG stands for :

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ANSWER= (C) Joint Photographic Experts Group


Q.11 The electron beam in a color picture tube is refreshed ——- times in a second to make video realistic

ANSWER= (B) 25


Q.12 Raster graphics are composed of

ANSWER= (A) Pixels


Q.13 GPU means ?

ANSWER= (B) Graphics Processor Unit


Q.14 Before image can be displayed on the screen it must be created by

ANSWER= (A) Computer Progarm


Q.15 Which compression provide some loss of quality?

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ANSWER= (B) Lossy


Q.16 In Brasenham’s circle generation algorithm, if (x,y) is the current Pixel position then y value of the next pixel position is:

    SBTE 2019

ANSWER= (C) Y + 1 or Y – 1


Q.17 DVST means

ANSWER= (C) Y + 1 or Y – 1


Q.18 The brightness of each pixel is

ANSWER= (B) Incompatible


Q.19 Refers to the number of dots on the screen.

ANSWER= (B) Resolution


Q.20 Bresenham’s Algorithm seeks to select the optimum raster locations that represent a:

    SBTE 2019

ANSWER= (A) Straight line

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