Computer Graphics MCQ-9

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Computer graphics is a branch of computer science that is used to to display the images, photos, pictures, graphics ,chart etc.

Computer Graphics Multiple choice Question With Answer

It may also be defined as a branch of computer science that is used to create or develop images or pictures using the computer. It also allows to store the images or pictures on the computer.

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Q.1 Z-buffer algorithm is used for ?

ANSWER= (A) Hidden line removal


Q.2 The primary output device in a graphic system is

ANSWER= (B) Video monitor


Q.3 Which display is best suited for (A1) System

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ANSWER= (B) A CRT with raster scan monitor


Q.4 The father of animation

ANSWER= (B) J. Stuart Blackton


Q.5 The process of mapping a world window in world coordinate system to viewport are called

ANSWER= (A) Transformation viewing


Q.6 Gray scale is used in :

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ANSWER= (B) Monitor that have color not available


Q.7 The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is referred to as :

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ANSWER= (A) Resolution


Q.8 A process of changing the position of an object in a straight line path is —-

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ANSWER= (A) Translation


Q.9 Three dimensional computer graphics become effective in the late ?

ANSWER= (B) 1980


Q.10 Graphics is one of the —- major key element in design of multimedia application.



Q.11 The quake,one of the first fully 3D Games was relesed in year ?

ANSWER= (C) 1996


Q.12 Graphics and image processing technique used to produce a transformation of one object into another is called

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ANSWER= (B) Morphing


Q.13 In LCD the refresh rate of the screen is

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ANSWER= (A) 60 frames/sec


Q.14 Each pixel has —- basic color components

ANSWER= (C) Three of four


Q.15 Computer graphics models are now commonly used for making

    SBTE 2014

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.16 Display card is used for the purpose of

ANSWER= (B) Sending graphics data to output unit


Q.16 The GIF Format is much — to be downloaded or uploaded over the www

ANSWER= (A) Faster


Q.18 EPS Image file format is used for

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.19 Which of the following is color filling algorithm ?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.20 Oblique projection with an angle of 45 degreeto the horizontal plane is called as :

    SBTE 2014

ANSWER= (C) Cavalier projection

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