System Software MCQ-1

System Software Multiple Choice Question With Answer


Software is the set of program which is used to complete a particular goal is called software , In our Computer system we can not perform any operation without software.

We can say that the computer hardware is an engine where the software is it’s fuel .

System software is a set of program that manage the resources of a computer system . system software is a collection of system programs that performs a variety of function

  • File editing
  • Resource Accounting
  • Input & Output Management
  • Storage
  • Memory Management
  • Access Management


Q.1 Special purpose software are

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ANSWER= (A) Application software


Q.2 A part of computer system that consist of data on computer instructions

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ANSWER= (A) Software


Q.3 Which of the following is software?

ANSWER= (B) Compiler


Q.4 Translator for low level programming language were termed as

ANSWER= (A) Assembler


Q.5 Which of the following is a system software ?

ANSWER= (B) Device drivers


Q.6 A program in execution is called

ANSWER= (A) Process


Q.7 In computer operating system and utility programs are examples of

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ANSWER= (A) System software


Q.8 Examples of system programs includes

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ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.9 Analysis which determines the meaning of a statement once its grammatical structure becomes known is termed as

ANSWER= (A) Semantic analysis


Q.10 Assember is machine dependent becasue of

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ANSWER= (D) Mnemonics operation table(MOT)


Q.11 Collection of module is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Software


Q.12 Which software is much required for your computer ?

ANSWER= (A) System Software


Q.13 A translator which reads an entire programme written in a high level language and converts it into machnine language code is

ANSWER= (A) Compiler


Q.14 Bottom up parsing involves

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ANSWER= (C) Both (a) and (b)


Q.15 Parsing is also known as :

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ANSWER= (B) Syntax analysis


Q.16 Parsing is also known as :

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ANSWER= (B) Syntax analysis


Q.17 An Interpreter is

ANSWER= (C) Aprogram that appears to execute a source program as if it were machine language


Q.18 An interpreter is a program that

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ANSWER= (A) Appears to execute a source as if it were machine language


Q.19 Debug monitor helps in

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ANSWER= (C) Both of above


Q.20 The term open source software is also called as

ANSWER= (A) Free software

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