System Software MCQ-2

This Multiple Choice Question is very useful of computer science students that preparation of Competition Exam Like RRB, Semester , Assistant Programmer, General Manager, IT Associate, Junior Research Fellow etc.

System Software Multiple Choice Question With Answer


Q.1 The time required to complete execution of an object

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ANSWER= (B) Run time


Q.2 Utility Software is responsible for ?

ANSWER= (B) Increse Performance of Computer


Q.3 Name the person who design a software

ANSWER= (C) Programmer


Q.4 A Linker program

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ANSWER= (C) Links the program with other programs needed for its execution


Q.5 Microsoft internet Explorer and Adobe Photoshop are examples of System Software

ANSWER= (C) Application Program


Q.6 Computer general-purpose software is basically a

ANSWER= (A) System software


Q.7 Bug means

ANSWER= (A) logical errors in the program


Q.8 The CPU has built inability to execute a particular set of machine instructions called as

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ANSWER= (B) Instruction set


Q.9 Type-O grammars are also known as

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ANSWER=(B) Unrestricted grammers


Q.10 Malware Stands For

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ANSWER=(C) Malicious Software


Q.11 Software taht steel or destory data of a computer is called as ?

ANSWER= (C) Malware


Q.12 The gap between the application domain and execution domain is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Semantic gap


Q.13 Language processor is software that bridge the

ANSWER= (B) Specification gap or Execution gap


Q.14 Analysis which determines the meaning of a statement once its grammatical structure becomes known is termed as

ANSWER= (A) Semantic analysis


Q.15 Load address for the first word of the program is called

ANSWER= (B) Load address origin


Q.16 Bad effect of semantic gap

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.17 ——– Front end of the compiler ?

ANSWER= (B) Analysis Phase


Q.18 ——– Back end of the compiler ?

ANSWER= (A) Synthesis Phase


Q.18 Program generation activity aims at

ANSWER= (A) Automatic generation of program


Q.19 A macro definition consists of

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.20 A compiler taht runs on platform A & is capable of generating executable code for platform B is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Cross compiler

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