What is a Motherboard


A motherboard is the main board of a computer system that is also known as mother, mobo ,mainboard ,base board, backplane board, system board, biggest board or main circuit board.

Motherboard is the most mportant part/componets in any personal computer

It contains almost every important parts of computer system , motherboard contains CPU , Memory and all support circuit to make the computer work

The Motherboard is also known as PCB(Printed circuit board), It allocated power and allow communication between CPU,RAM and all other computer hardware components.

Motherboard biggest circuit board inside a computer that is used to connect the different devices such as monitor, printer, scanner etc. with the computer
Motherboards provides ports to attach floppy drive ,hard drive and optical drive via ribbon cables. motherboard carries fan and a special port designed for power supply

History of motherboard

  • The first motherboard was used in 1981 the IBM computer that was originally known as planar.
  • IBM introduced the full AT motherboard in August 1984
  • The Baby AT motherboard was released in 1985
Diagram of motherboard

Various components of motherboard

1.CPU Slots
2.Mouse & Keyboard
4.RAM Slot
5.PCI Slot
6.CMOS Battery
7.Power supply Plug
8.Floppy Controller
11.Expansion Slots

1.CPU Slots
The CPU also called microprocessor performs all the calculations that take place inside a computer ,CPU is usually inserted into the socket and it is not soldered on the motherboard.
This makes it replacement in case of any problem or upgrade very easy, Modern CPU generated a lot of heat and thus require a cooling fan or heat sink

2.Mouse & Keyboard
(a) Mouse
:- Mouse is basically a pointing device about the size of palm. It rolls one small ball and has one or more buttons in the top. When the user rolls the mouse across a flat surface ,the screen cursor moves in the direction of mouse movement
Mouse is hardware device and input device.

(b) Keyboard
Keyboard is most common and very popular input device which helps in inputting data to the computer. The layout of keyboard is like that of traditional typewriter , though there are some additional keys provided for preforming additional function.

Keyboards are two sizes 84 keys or 101/102 keys but now keyboards with 104 keys or 108 keys are also available for windows and internet

USB stands for universal serial bus
USB is the general purpose connection for computer and mobile
A USB connector’s distinctive rectangular shape mark it easily recognizable, We can insert or remove them without restarting our system or mobile

4.RAM Slot:-

RAM stand for Random Access memory.
RAM store program and data currently being used by CPU (Central Processing Unit),RAM is measured in units is called bytes.

5.PCI Slot:-

Intel introduced the peripheral component interconnection protocol (PCI), The PCI bus is used to connect input and output devices to main logic of the computer.

6.CMOS Battery:-

CMOS stands for complementary metal oxide semi-conductor” To provide CMOS with the power when the computer is turned off all motherboard comes with battery.

7.Power supply Plug :-

The power supply provides the necessary electrical power to make the pc operate, The power supply takes standard 110V AC power and coverts into 12V,5V & 3.3 DC power

8.Floppy Controller:- To connect one or more floppy disk.

9.CO-Processor:– CO-Processor is a special purpose microprocessor is used to speed up main processor taking over some of the main processor work.

10.Expension Slots:-
It is a an input/output pathway from the CPU to peripheral devices and it is typically made up of a series of slots on the motherboard.
It is used to add features/enhance capabilities to the board

Ex:-Graphics Card can be installed, RAM Size can be increased.

There are various type of slots

1.ISA (Industrial standard architecture)
2.EISA (Extended Industrial standard architecture)
3.PCI (Peripheral component interconnect)
4.VESA (Video Electronic standard association)
5.AGP (Accelerated Graphics)
6.PCIE (Peripheral component interconnect Express)

Features of motherboard

A motherboard comes with following features

1.Motherboard varies greatly in supporting various types of components.
2.Normally a motherboard supports a single type of CPU and few types of memories.
3.Video cards, Hard Disk ,sound cards have to be compatible with motherboard to function properly

Popular Manufacturers of Motherboard

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