DRDO CEPTAM-10 Computer Science Paper Solution : 12 Jan 2023

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About DRDO

Defence Research and Development Organisation is the premier agency under the Department of Defence Research and Development in Ministry of Defence of the Government of India, charged with the military’s research and development, headquartered in Delhi, India. 

DRDO CEPTAM 2022 Syllabus Books PYQ – STA-B (Computer Science)

Today, DRDO is a network of more than 50 laboratories which are deeply engaged in developing defence technologies covering various disciplines, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, instrumentation, missiles, advanced computing and simulation, special materials, naval systems, life sciences, training, information systems and agriculture. Several major projects for the development of missiles, armaments, light combat aircrafts, radars, electronic warfare systems etc are on hand and significant achievements have already been made in several such technologies.

DRDO CEPTAM-10 Computer Science Paper Solution : 12 Jan 2023
HeadquartersDRDO Bhavan, New Delhi
Employees30,000 (5,000 scientists)
Annual budget11,375.50 crore (US$1.4 billion)(2021–22)


Q.1 What is Full form of W3C

ANSWER= (A) World wide web consortium


Q.2 What is full form of SMTP

ANSWER= (A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


Q.3 In SRS Document which testing involves ?

ANSWER= (B) Black Box Testing


Q.4 In CRUD,U stands for ?

ANSWER= (D) Update


Q.5 Unix Language is written in ?



Q.6 Which of the following algorithm is not used for congestion control ?

ANSWER= (B) Routing Information Protocolo


Q.7 What is full form of CHAP ?

ANSWER= (D) Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol


Q.8 Spiram Model is Made by ?

ANSWER= (D) Borr Boehm


Q.9 A minimal suer key is called as ?

ANSWER= (B) Candidate Key


Q.10 In ER Model , Duble line Represents ?

ANSWER= (B) Full Dependent


Q.11 Compiler,editors software come under which type of software ?

ANSWER= (C) System Software


Q.12 The output of NOR Gate is high when ?

ANSWER= (B) Both inputes are low


Q.13 Which of the following is not a binary operator

ANSWER= (B) Project


Q.14 Assembly language used code written as ?

ANSWER= (A) Mnemonic


Q.15 Which of the following is not an element of the X.509 Certificates ?

ANSWER= (B) Serial Modifier


Q.16 Cookies were originally designed for ?

ANSWER= (B) Client Side


Q.17 The logic family with the lowest power of dissipation is ?



Q.18 How many AND Gates are required for realize Y=CD +EF+G ?



Q.19 Mapping of file managed by ?

ANSWER= (B) Metadata


Q.20 What is one the advantage of setting a DMZ with two firewalls ?

ANSWER= (A) You can do load balancing


Q.21 Which transmission media provides the highest transmission speed in a network ?

ANSWER= (C) Optical fiber


Q.22 Which of the following feature makes the AJAX unique ?

ANSWER= (D) It makes data requests asynchronously


Q.23 Which of the following statement is not true regarding javascript ?

ANSWER= (D) Javascript can not run in stand-alone mode (without a browser)


Q.24 Which of the following statement is true regarding HTTP ?

ANSWER= (B) It does no maintain any connection information on previous transaction


Q.25 PDU for the application layer is ?

ANSWER= (C) Message


Q.26 Function point computation is given by the formula ?

ANSWER= (B) fb=count total *[0.65+0.01*sum(fi)


Q.27 How many basic features of OOP are required for a programming language to be purely OOP ?



Q.28 What is the most expensive phase in SDLC ?

ANSWER= (C) Maintenance


Q.29 What is the process of finding and removing/correction of errors ?

ANSWER= (A) Debugging


Q.30 In V model,each and every development phase is associated with ?

ANSWER= (D) Testing Phase


Q.31 Memory address space of 8085 microprocessor ?



Q.32 What is the most expensive phase in SDLC ?

ANSWER= (D) Maintenance


Q.33 Which of the following creates a temporary relation for the query on which it is defines ?

ANSWER= (A) With


Q.34 Consider a paging system with a page size of 4KB. If a process of size 38KB is in logical address space,find the internal fragmentation in Kbytes ?



Q.35 Let the time taken to switch from user mode to kernal mode of execution be T1 while time taken to switch between two user process be T2.What is correct



Q.36 A connected planer graph have 5 vertices and 7 edges that contains how manay region ?



Q.37 The Bandwidth of FDMA ?

ANSWER= (D) Narrow


Q.38 The shielded twisted pair cables maximum data transfer rate around ?

ANSWER= (D) 100 Mbps


Q.39 Which of the following inforamtion security technology is use for avoiding browser based hacking ?

ANSWER= (B) Remote browser access


Q.40 Which of the following is used for add new row ?

ANSWER= (C) Insert


Q.41 What is the subtraction of 1010-101 ?

ANSWER= (A) 01


Q.42 Shell sort is based on ?

ANSWER= (A) Insertion sort


Q.43 A rectangle represents which of the following in an ERD ?

ANSWER= (B) Entity


Q.44 Which gates in digital circuits are required to convert a NOR based SR latch to an SR flip-flop ?

ANSWER= (A) Two 2 inputs AND gates


Q.45 Divide and conquer method is used in ?

ANSWER= (B) Quick sort


Q.46 The technique used for transferring large amount of data to and froma memory in a short time ?



Q.47 Which of the following is true ?



Q.48 Which of the following is the correct way of implementing an interface salary by class ?

ANSWER= (C) Class manager implements salary {}


Q.49 Cache memory is based on the the property of ?

ANSWER= (A) Locality of references


Q.50 Topology is the arrangement of network in ?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.51 How to access data members of a class ?

ANSWER= (D) Dot or arrow as required


Q.52 The cost of storing a bit is minimum in

ANSWER= (D) Magnetic tape


Q.53 Half of a Byte is equal to ?

ANSWER= (A) Nibble


Q.54 Which among the following is not property of an object ?

ANSWER= (D) Names


Q.55 The highest priority interrupt in 8085 is ?



Q.56 FOr Designing a normal RDBMS Which of the following normal from is considered adequate ?



Q.57 Which phase is not available in software life cycle ?

ANSWER= (D) Abstracti


Q.58 An n-bit microprocessor has ?

ANSWER= (D) n-bit instructin register


Q.59 Which of the following data structure is non linear data structure ?

ANSWER= (B) Tree


Q.60 Most packet switches use this principle ?

ANSWER= (B) Stored and forward


Q.61 Which of the following is not the phase of classical waterfall model ?

ANSWER= (C) Building protype


Q.62 Which of the following is used with BETWEEN ?



Q.63 Which of the following is the single tasking operating system ?



Q.64 The number of tuples in a relation is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Cardinality


Q.65 Extended ASCII Code has — bits ?



Q.66 The address is a class of C address uses a subnet mask ?



Q.67 If there are N Devices(nodes) in a network, what is the number of cable links required for a fully connected mesh tology ?

ANSWER= (C) N(N-1)/2


Q.68 Suppose that A has obtained a certificate from certification authority X1 and B has obtained Cetificate authority from CA X2. A can use a chain of certificates to obtain B’s public key.In notation of X.509,this chain is reprsented in the correct order as

ANSWER= (C) X1 X2 X2 B


Q.69 Which among the following , for a pure OOP Langauge is true ?

ANSWER= (C) The langauge Must follow all the rules of OOP


Q.70 Which features of the OOPS reduced the use of nested classes ?

ANSWER= (C) Encapsulation

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