Important Topics DRDO CEPTAM Computer Science

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About DRDO

Defence Research and Development Organisation is the premier agency under the Department of Defence Research and Development in Ministry of Defence of the Government of India, charged with the military’s research and development, headquartered in Delhi, India. 

DRDO CEPTAM 2022 Syllabus Books PYQ – STA-B (Computer Science)

Today, DRDO is a network of more than 50 laboratories which are deeply engaged in developing defence technologies covering various disciplines, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, instrumentation, missiles, advanced computing and simulation, special materials, naval systems, life sciences, training, information systems and agriculture. Several major projects for the development of missiles, armaments, light combat aircrafts, radars, electronic warfare systems etc are on hand and significant achievements have already been made in several such technologies.

HeadquartersDRDO Bhavan, New Delhi
Employees30,000 (5,000 scientists)
Annual budget₹11,375.50 crore (US$1.4 billion)(2021–22)

DRDO CEPTAM-10 Recruitment 2022

Recruitment TypePermanent Jobs
NotificationDRDO CEPTAM-10/DRTC 2022
Essential Qualification10th + ITI
B.Sc./ Diploma in Related Field
Age Limit18-28 Years
Application ModeOnline
Start Date to Apply Online3 September 2022
Last Date to Apply Online23 September 2022
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Senior Technical Assistant-B (STA-B) Total seat 167 in Computer science 2022


DRDO CEPTAM 2015 cut off [CSE]

STA-B (Computer Science)83747478

0106-STA-B (Computer Science)60.755.9856.2858.93
0106-STA-B (Computer Science)2018112.18101.4489.31105.02

Syllabus of CEPTAM 10 CSE

Branch Paper (Tier-II)

 (1) Fundamental of Computers
 (2) Operating System Concepts
 (3) Computer Organization and Architecture
 (4) Digital Electronics
 (5) Programming in C and Data Structure
 (6) Design and Analysis of Algorithms
 (7) Operating System
 (8) Database Management System
 (9) Computer hardware
(10)Programming Language (C,C++,JAVA)
(11)Web Technology (HTML)

Important Topics DRDO CEPTAM Computer Science

Computer Network
  1. Modal – OSI, Topologies
  2. Types of addressing mode
    a. IP
    b. Mac
    c. Port
    d. Specific address
  3. Network layer
    a. IP addressing
    b. Classfull
    c. Classless
    d. IP headers
  4. Data link layer
    a. Framing and bit stuffing
    b. Flow control protocol
    c. Media access control
    d. Error control protocol
C Language
  • Data Types Concepts
  • Signed Unsigned Concepts
  • Out of Range Values
  • Input/Output, Format Specifier Concepts
  • Increment, decrement, logical and bitwise operators
  • Type conversion concepts
  • Flow Control
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Strings
  • Structure & Union
Operating System
  • Process Scheduling Algo
  • FCFS, SJF, Round Robin, Priority Scheduling
  • Concept of Preemption & Non-Preemption
  • Critical section Problem
  • Concept of Semaphores
  • Concept of Deadlock
  • Paging & Segmentation
Computer Organization & Architecture & Digital Electronics
  • Number System (Binary, Octal & Hexadecimal)
  • Logic Gates – Basic, Universal & Special Purpose
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Digital Circuit
  • Combinational – Adder, Subtractor, MUX, DEMUX, Encoder, Decoder
  • Sequential – Flip-flop, Registers, Counters
  • Concept of BUS
  • Common BUS Architecture
  • Addressing Mode & its Types
  • Instruction Pipeline
  • Pipeline Hazard
  • Concept of 1’s and 2’s complement
  • Booth’s Algorithm
  • Floating Point Representation
  • DMA (Basic Concepts Only)
Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Arrays Operations (Traversal, Insertion, Deletion)
  • Arrays & Pointers
  • Linked List Operations
  • Stack Operations
  • Infix, Prefix & Postfix
  • Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree
  1. Searching
    a. Binary
    b. Sequential
  2. Sorting
    a. Bubble sort
    b. Selection sort
    c. Insertion sort
    d. Merge sort
    e. Quick sort
  3. Asymptotic notations
    a. Omega
    b. Theta
    c. Big-O
Database Management System

Functional dependency
Types of functional dependency
Clouser set of attributes
Minimal cover
Normal forms(INF,2NF,3NF,BCNF)

    Types of schedule
    Conflict serializability & view serializability
  2. ER-MODAL:-
    Notation in ER modal
    Strong and weak Entity
  3. File Organization:- B tree,B+tree
    Indexing (Primary,secondary,Cluster)
  4. SQL:-
    Aggregates function
    Constraints in sql, joins
    Set operations
  5. Relational algebra and calculus:- Trc, drc , joins,Cartesian product
  • Basic Concept
  • Data Type
  • Control Statement
  • Operator
  • Object & Class
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance,
  • Polymorphism & Abstraction (Complete)

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What is the difference between DRDO and ISRO?
What is the difference between DRDO and ISRO?