Operating System MCQ SET-1

operating system mcq with answers

Hello students in this page provide you 20 MCQ based on the operating system which help many exam like Semester and another exam like Banking, Railway, ISRO,DRDO etc.

Multiple Choice Questions on operating system Set-1


Q.1 What is function of operating system ?

ANSWER= (B) Process and Memory Management


Q.2 Full form of DOS ?

ANSWER= (A) Disk operating system


Q.3 Example of operating system ?



Q.4 A file is collection ?

ANSWER= (C) Both a & b 


Q.5 Which of the following is system software

ANSWER= (D) ALL of these 


Q.6 Operating system maintains the page table for

ANSWER= (A) Each address


Q.7 Semaphore can be used for solving?

ANSWER= (C) synchronisation


Q.8 The stands for SJF ?

ANSWER= (C) Shortest job First


Q.9 linux is supports

ANSWER= (A) More than one file


Q.10 Banker algorithm is used to

ANSWER= (B) Deadlock avoidance 


Q.11 How much bit of 1 megabyte?

ANSWER= (A) 2 Power 20 byte 


Q.12 1 TB(TERA BYTE) Equal ?

ANSWER= (C) 1024 GB 


Q.13 LINUX is a

ANSWER= (A) Open source 


Q.14 UNIX is a 

ANSWER= (C) Copyright 


Q.15 What is value of binary semaphore? 

ANSWER= (C) 0,1  


Q.16 Running multiple program at the same time callled ?

ANSWER= (B) Multitasking  


Q.17 Multiprogramming means ?

ANSWER= (B) More than one program loaded into main memory   


Q.18 Process size = partition size

ANSWER= (A) True  


Q.19 Wastage of memory is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Fragmentation 


Q.20 WT = ?


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