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C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.1 A Pointer is variable that store —- of another variable ?

ANSWER= (B) Address


Q.2 Which of the following is an address operator ?



Q.3 Which of the following is dereferencening operator ?



Q.4 Which of the following type of address stored in pointer variable ?

ANSWER= (B) int


Q.5 —- Operator can be applied to pointer variables.

ANSWER= (A) Casting


Q.6 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  char *p;

ANSWER= (C) 1 2


Q.7 A Pointer is

ANSWER= (B) A variable that stores address of other varable


Q.8 * is called

ANSWER= (B) Value at operator


Q.9 Pointer variable is declared using preceding — sign.



Q.10 In c pointer variable to an integer can be created by the decalaration

ANSWER= (C) int *p;


Q.11 A pointer variable can be returned by a function.

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.12 Which is the pointer which denotes the object calling the member function ?

ANSWER= (A) This pointer


Q.13 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  int p = 1;
  int*ptr=&p; printf(“%d”,*ptr);



Q.14 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  int p = 5;

ANSWER= (C) 6 6


Q.15 What is the advantage of pointer ?

ANSWER= (B) It decreases program execution speed

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