Computer MCQs Set-11

In this page provide you Computer MCQs Set-11 that is very useful for competitive exams.

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Q.1 MS Excel is used for creating ?

ANSWER= (C) Spreadsheets


Q.2 MS Excel is used for creating ?

ANSWER= (C) Spreadsheets


Q.3 All macro keyword shortcuts include the ——key ?

ANSWER= (B) Ctrl


Q.4 MS Excel is a?

ANSWER= (C) Package


Q.5 A worksheet can have a maximum of number of rows in ms excel 2000 ?

ANSWER= (D) 65535


Q.6 Short cut key to save a spread sheet ?

ANSWER= (A) ctrl+s


Q.7 Which of these toolbars allows changing of fonts and their sizes ?

ANSWER= (B) Formatting 


Q.8 From which menu you can insert header and footer ?

ANSWER= (A) Insert menu


Q.9 What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol ?

ANSWER= (B) alt+ctrl+c


Q.10 What is the smallest and largest font size available in formatting toolbar ?

ANSWER= (C) 8 and 72


Q.11 which of following is not a valid data type in excel ?

ANSWER= (A) Character


Q.12 Which menu option can be used to split window into two ?

ANSWER= (C) view-window-split


Q.13 Which of the following formulas will excel not be able to calculate ?

ANSWER= (B) =sum(sales)-a3


Q.14 To drag a selected range of data to another worksheet in the work book ,use the–?

ANSWER= (B) ctrl key


Q.15 In a worksheet you can select—-?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.16 An excel workbook is a collection of ?

ANSWER= (B) Worksheet


Q.17 Excel files have a default extension on ?

ANSWER= (A) .xls


Q.18 Which of the following is not one of power points view ?

ANSWER= (C) presentation view


Q.19 Which shortcut key inserts a new slide in current presentation ?

ANSWER= (B) ctrl+n


Q.20 From which menu you can access picture text box chart ete ?

ANSWER= (A) insert

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