Computer Printer Multiple choice Question with Answers

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provide you Computer Monitor MCQ Questions with Answers which is very useful of many exam like semester ,gate, Railway and BCA etc.


Q.1 Printer is a

ANSWER= (B) output device


Q.2 The printing speed of Dot Matrix printer is

ANSWER= (C) 100 to 1000 cps


Q.3 Dot matrix printers were first introduced by



Q.4 Dot matrix printers were first introduced in

ANSWER= (C) 1957


Q.5 Which printer is used to spraying fine drops of ink on the paper

ANSWER= (C) Inkjet


Q.6 The main advantage of Dot matrix printer ?

ANSWER= (A) To make carbon copy


Q.7 Laser printer is the type of ?

ANSWER= (B) Non-Impact Printer

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