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Q.1 Which of the following characteristics of motivation ?

ANSWER= (A) Motivation is internal and external both


Q.2 Ancient Greek philosophy lacks persuasive potential owing to their lack of knowledge about modern scientific discoveries.

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.3 Leadership is a communicative relationship between one person and others, such that when one gives a direction, and another gladly carries it out.



Q.4 Which of the following is the nature of motivation

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.5 A person with high need for achievement have a preference for

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.6 The Yale attitude change approach follows a more complex paradigm of persuasion than the cognitive response model.

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.7 Which of the following is not a component of motivation?

ANSWER= (D) Persuasion


Q.8 What is leadership?

ANSWER= (B) Guiding and influencing others toward a common vision or goal


Q.9 Which leadership style focuses on mentorship and individual growth?

ANSWER= (C) Coach


Q.10 __________________ is a fascinating aspect of human social life. If we treat people right, they will treat us right – at least ninety percent of the time.

ANSWER= (B) Negotiation


Q.11 In which of the following negotiating styles, individuals easily give the other person concession in the hope of strengthening their relationships but tend to neglect their own needs in favour of helping the other person.

ANSWER= (C) Accommodator negotiating style


Q.12 Which type of leader sets high expectations and encourages innovation?

ANSWER= (B) Visionary


Q.13 What quality should a good leader possess to foster a supportive environment?

ANSWER= (C) Empathy


Q.14 Which leadership style allows team members autonomy and freedom?

ANSWER= (B) Laissez-Faire


Q.15 What are the motivational factors used by the effective leaders to increase employee motivation by motivating the team members?

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.16 Consider the following statements.
A: Persuasion is an honest form of manipulation.
B: Brainwashing is a subset of manipulation.

ANSWER= (B) B is true but A is false


Q.17 What quality helps leaders to inspire resilience in their teams?

ANSWER= (B) Optimism


Q.18 Which leadership style emphasizes structured approaches and performance-based rewards?

ANSWER= (B) Autocratic


Q.19 Which leadership style involves involving team members in decision-making processes?

ANSWER= (B) Transformational


Q.20 Which of the following characteristics determine the leadership style of a task leader?
A. Always makes sure the decisions are taken properly
B. Always is charged with proper direction to fulfill the tasks of the group
C. Always make sure the group reaches a conclusion at the end of the meeting

ANSWER= (D) All A, B, and C are correct


Q.21 Which of the following statements about motivation is correct?
A. Motivation is a psychological force that contributes to a person’s degree of commitment
B. Motivation includes drives and desires for goal attainment that regulate the direction, intensity, and persistence of human action.
C. The motivation of each person changes from time to time even if s/he may continue to behave in the same way.

ANSWER= (D) All A, B, and C are correct


Q.22 What quality is essential for a leader to hold themselves and their team to high standards?

ANSWER= (D) Accountability


Q.23 What is negotiation?

ANSWER= (B) A strategic discussion intended to resolve an issue in a mutually acceptable way


Q.24 Which of the following are the contemporary issues related to negotiation?
A. The role of personal traits
B. The effect of cultural difference
C. The use of third parties to help resolve differences

ANSWER= (D) All A, B, and C are correct


Q.25 Consider the following statements.
A: The same argument can be interpreted as persuasive by someone, and as manipulative by another.
B: The authority of the person trying to persuade us depends on our liking of that person.

ANSWER= (B) A is true but B is false


Q.26 What is a key aspect of successful negotiation?

ANSWER= (C) Give and take leading to compromises


Q.27 hat is the purpose of preparation in negotiation?

ANSWER= (A) To gather information and formulate a strategy


Q.28 Which among the following are symptoms of demotivated people?
A. Absenteeism
B. Increased accidents
C. Wastage of raw materials
D. Sloppy work habits

ANSWER= (D) All A, B, C, and D are true


Q.29 Fear appeal may fail when there is

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.30 Consider the following statements.
A: Audience personality trait is not constrained by considerations of gender.
B: Hesitant language has less credibility.
C: Usage of intense metaphors should be avoided in persuasive arguments.

ANSWER= (D) None of the above

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