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  • Building Relationships
  • Understanding Group Dynamics- I
  • Understanding Group Dynamics- II
  • Groups, Conflicts and their Resolution
  • Social Network, Media and Extending Our Identities


Q.1 What are interpersonal skills?

ANSWER= (B) Innate and learned skills used in social situations pertinent to career, education, and personal life


Q.2 Why is it essential to apply interpersonal skills during a job search?

ANSWER= (B) To build solid relationships


Q.3 How can interpersonal skills be demonstrated during a job interview?

ANSWER= (C) Through actions and conversation


Q.3 What is the recommended approach for dealing with different personalities in dynamic situations?

ANSWER= (C) Demonstrating interpersonal skills


Q.5 If you receive and read the messages but you do not say anything in return as per the internet culture,you are

ANSWER= (A) Lurking


Q.6 Another name for interpersonal communication is ?

ANSWER= (C) Dyadic communication


Q.7 A group is a collection of people who share a common meaning and evaluation of themselves and come together to achieve common goals.

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.8 Relationships influence our behaviour, goals, and attitudes.

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.9 What is the meaning of the Greek word from which ‘dynamics’ has been derived?

ANSWER= (B) Force


Q.10 Which of the following groups consists of people who work together to achieve a common task?

ANSWER= (D) Task groups


Q.11 Email,telephone and letters are examples of

ANSWER= (C) Channel


Q.12 Grouping infomation so that the intended auidence easily understand it , This process is known as

ANSWER= (B) Chunking


Q.13 The relationship between a shopkeeper and customer is an example of _______________ relationship.

ANSWER= (B) Casual


Q.14 Which of the following are the stages in formation of a relationship?

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.15 —— is a conflict which occurs between two different groups to prove the superiority of one group over the other.

ANSWER= (A) Intergroup conflict


Q.16 What does it mean very importnat purpose are communicated in the simple ways and high expectation are generated?

ANSWER= (A) Charisma


Q.17 Which of the following is better mode of experimental learning ?

ANSWER= (C) Role playing


Q.18 — is the study of touches as non verbal communication ?

ANSWER= (A) Haptics


Q.19 In mass communication selective perception ddepnds on the receiver’s

ANSWER= (A) Receptivity


Q.20 _________ is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce reward, and interference from the other party in achieving their goals.

ANSWER= (B) Conflict


Q.21 Which of the following is a nonverbal communication type used for conflict management?

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.22 In Fisher’s Model of Group Progression, in which stage the group recognizes that it is reaching consensus and explicitly consolidates that consensus to complete the task.

ANSWER= (B) Reinforcement


Q.23 The study of ___________________ helps us to recognize the formation of a group and states how the group should be organized, lead and promoted.

ANSWER= (A) Group dynamics


Q.24 Which of the following sentences about interest groups is INCORRECT?

ANSWER= (D) None of the above.


Q.25 Consider the following statements:
A: Six degrees of separation refers to the hindrance actors face during communicating.
B: Identities impersonated in web-based social media platforms are false fabrications.

ANSWER= (D) Both A and B are wrong


Q.26 Which type of noise is shown by the student who was unable to concentrate the lesson because of hunger and sickness

ANSWER= (C) Physiology noise


Q.27 Which type of communication is followed by video conferencing

ANSWER= (C) audio visual two way


Q.28 Which of the following social media content is suitable for educational purposes?

ANSWER= (B) Blogs


Q.29 Consider the following statements:
A: Social media algorithms can influence electoral outcomes.
B: Meso-level social networks have little to no relevance in the context of hiring for jobs.

ANSWER= (A) A is correct but B is wrong


Q.30 This is the first model of communication and it is unidirectional model

ANSWER= (A) Linear model

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