Soft Skill Development MCQs

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Q.1 _____________ is an important factor which helps a group to function effectively.

ANSWER= (B) Good relationship


Q.2 What kind of information do we get through presentation

ANSWER= (D) A product a subject and new idea


Q.3 What are the different ways of presentation?

ANSWER= (A) Demonstration,introduction,lecture or speech


Q.4 What are aims of presentation skill ?

ANSWER= (B) Inform,insire,motivate,present new idea and persuade


Q.5 Different groups of audiences are accustomed to different modes of interpretation. This is because they belong to different

ANSWER= (C) interpretive communities


Q.6 An effective group occurs when the members have _________________ and recognize that their personal success is dependent on the success of others.

ANSWER= (B) a common goal


Q.7 Presentation is an importnat form of —- communication in the spheres of education

ANSWER= (A) oral


Q.8 How does presentation skill is closely linked to an individual ?

ANSWER= (B) career and personal growth


Q.9 is a two-way process, and there is always a direct link between the quality of our communication and the quality of our life.

ANSWER= (A) Communication


Q.10 Which kind of communicators believe that the primary purpose of communication is the maintenance or advancement of the personal relationship?

ANSWER= (C) Reflective communicator


Q.11 Students ,teachers,scientists,researchers,managers,sales and administrators need —-skill in the courec of their everyday work.

ANSWER= (B) Presentation


Q.12 Which point need to be considered while selecting subject of the presentation ?

ANSWER= (A) suits the occasion and the audience


Q.13 What is the objective or the purpose of the content of presentation?

ANSWER= (C) inform,persuade,convince,report or motivate the auidence


Q.14 Understanding —- of the presentation can make it successful.

ANSWER= (B) purpose


Q.15 What includes or consists in the first part of structuring the content or greeting ?

ANSWER= (D) greeting,brief and clear statement,purpose and an outline of the presentation


Q.16 Consider the following statements:
A: Using too much hand gestures in a presentation is a sign of authoritative nature.
B: There are hand gestures that do no refer to any particular emotion.

ANSWER= (C) B is correct but A is wrong


Q.17 Text animations are
A. Moving images conveying information through the double capacity of image and text
B. Not a necessary part of a presentation
C. Non-interactive with the onlookers

ANSWER= (B) Only A and B are true


Q.18 Too much information on one visual can make the slide ?

ANSWER= (B) Unreadable


Q.19 What is the proper time to distribute handouts to the audience ?

ANSWER= (A) end of the presentation


Q.20 Consider the following statements:
A. Starting your presentation with the conclusion can attract attention more quickly
B. Meaning does not change if the sequence of the text and image is altered
C. Breaks and pauses before an anecdote interrupts the flow of the presentation

ANSWER= (A) Only A is correct


Q.21 Observing the body language of the audience can induce you to

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.22 When is the best time to brak a discussion

ANSWER= (A) When everyone is silent


Q.23 Which of these are vital for any organization?

ANSWER= (B) group discussions


Q.24 Concrete poetry draws inspiration from
A.painted structures
B.concrete reality
C.representational spaces

ANSWER= (C) Only A and C are correct


Q.25 Which of the following best describes an assertive communication style?

ANSWER= (B) Expressing one’s thoughts and feelings honestly and respectfully.


Q.26 which communication style does an individual prioritize their own needs and desires over those of others?

ANSWER= (B) Aggressive


Q.27 What is a characteristic of a manipulative communication style?

ANSWER= (C) Using deceit or coercion to influence others.


Q.28 Which communication style involves seeking to understand others’ perspectives and finding mutually beneficial solutions?

ANSWER= (D) Collaborative


Q.29 Participation is the third ingredient of a group discussion ?

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.30 The fundamental step towards effective communication with others is successful communication with yourself.

ANSWER= (A) True

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