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Q.1 Micro-expressions can help us detect _____.

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.2 What do you mean by verbal and non verbal communication ?

ANSWER= (A) Types or kinds of communication


Q.3 What does verbal communication refer to ?

ANSWER= (C) Spoken/oral and written communication


Q.4 What do we call for body posture,movements of eye,head,hand,finger,lips,touch etc?

ANSWER= (A) Body language


Q.5 Non-verbal component is ______ in face-to-face communication.

ANSWER= (A) 65%


Q.6 Harmony is associated with

ANSWER= (B) Music and visuals


Q.7 An effective act of communication makes use of both the —- aspects of communication.

ANSWER= (C) Verbal and non verbal


Q.8 Group discussion,interviews,presentation,lectures,telephone calls,public speech,teleconferences or video conferences are the example of ?

ANSWER= (B) verbal or oral communication


Q.9 Email,internet websites,letters,proposals telegrams,faxes are the example of —?

ANSWER= (B) Written communication


Q.10 Formal and informal kinds of communication are dependent on the ?

ANSWER= (A) Context of communication


Q.10 Consider the following statements.
A: Gestures share a universal commonality that does not need any specific context for them to have a meaning.
B: Smiling is both an in-born and an acquired non-verbal communication.

ANSWER= (C) B is correct but A is wrong


Q.12 Intense sadness affects communication.

ANSWER= (A) Both upper and lower face


Q.13 The way you speak or write to your sibilings or your friends is an example of —?

ANSWER= (C) Informal communication


Q.14 The associated emotion with irregular rhythm is

ANSWER= (A) Discomposure


Q.15 Communication with teachers,officers,employers is called ?

ANSWER= (B) Formal communication


Q.16 What kind of communication used at job interview,a metting of organization and a dinner hosted by dignitaries ?

ANSWER= (A) Formal communication


Q.17 ____ is an innate quality of the mind to see something as a totality.

ANSWER= (A) Gestalt


Q.18 Consider the following statements:
A: Scanning bias is different for different languages.
B: Visuals can supplement texts, and vice versa.

ANSWER= (A) Both A and B are correct


Q.19 The act of reading a book is an example of — type of communication

ANSWER= (D) One way


Q.20 In —-communication the receiver cannot give feedback or response to the sender

ANSWER= (C) One way


Q.21 Consider the following sentences.
A: Optical illusion can depend on the position of an imagined light source.
B: Vanishing point is relevant in both two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional art forms.

ANSWER= (D) A is correct but B is wrong


Q.22 Consider the following statements.
A: Anger gets reflected most readily in the eyes.
B: Micro-expressions are always masked after a fraction of a second.

ANSWER= (A) Both A and B are correct


Q.23 Job interviews or a group/panel discussion is an exapmle of —-communication

ANSWER= (D) Two way


Q.24 Communication is the demand of modern industry

ANSWER= (C) Oral and written


Q.25 Visual representation is not possible for

ANSWER= (D) None


Q.26 Consider the following statements:
A: The visual is not just a feature of our current reality; visualization constitutes the reality itself.
B: The image as a portable object and the image as an object of art are conceptually disparate categories.

ANSWER= (D) Only A is true


Q.27 Posters fall under–communication

ANSWER= (B) visual


Q.28 Gestural communication is a ?

ANSWER= (A) Non verbal message


Q.29 Who proposed a quantification of territoriality around the human body to determine intimacy, personal space, etc.?

ANSWER= (C) Allan Pease


Q.30 —–Means the position in which you can hold your body when standing or sitting.

ANSWER= (B) Postures

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