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Q.1 —-is a phenomenon whereby someting new and somehow valuable is formed

ANSWER= (A) Creativity


Q.2 Which of the following is not a factor in 4Ps of theory of creativity

ANSWER= (D) Patience


Q.3 Which of the following is stage of creativity process

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.4 Primary components of creativity

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.5 Which part does education play in fostering creativity?

ANSWER= (B) Preparation


Q.6 The relationship between the “flying machine” and the modern-day aeroplane is one of

ANSWER= (D) Analogy


Q.7 Consider the following statements.
A: Intelligence without attentiveness is akin to having an average car with a poor driver.
B: The destructive potential of intelligence can be channelled into creativity.

ANSWER= (D) Only B is correct


Q.8 Which of the following is primary characteristic of a creative individual ?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.9 The ability to look at a question or topic from a different angle is called

ANSWER= (B) Flexibility


Q.10 ______ on earlier knowledge can potentially restrict creativity.

ANSWER= (C) Fixation


Q.11 Red hat thinking is not relevant in

ANSWER= (D) None of the above


Q.12 The ability to produce ideas that are unusual is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Originality


Q.13 The ability to aks revealing question is called ?

ANSWER= (B) Curiosity


Q.14 Which of the following personality traits may be commonly found in creative people?
A: ability to remain comfortable with uncertainty
B: ability to accept failure
C: ability to hide negative aspects of their life

ANSWER= (A) A and B


Q.15 The element of ________ in brainstorming encourages team members to think of preposterous and outrageous notions

ANSWER= (C) freewheeling


Q.16 An argument is not sound or relevant if it leads to a dubious or false

ANSWER= (C) Conclusion


Q.17 Thinking critical involves seeing thing in an

ANSWER= (C) Open minded way


Q.18 Which of the following is not a false assumption that people have on creativity?

ANSWER= (C) Some people may be low in innovation but everyone has a spark of creativity


Q.19 Creativity is an innate talent and can’t be learned

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.20 Daydreaming about an issue as a reflective thinking skill does not have any relation with our ability of critical thinking that is rooted in the concrete reality.

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.21 Innovation is

ANSWER= (B) The production or implementation of an idea


Q.22 A Critical thinker does not have —– ability

ANSWER= (C) Biased


Q.23 Which of the following are elements of critical thinking?
A: focusses on a specific problem
B: takes more time than memory tasks
C: deploys multipronged analytical methods
D: bypasses reasoning

ANSWER= (C) B and C


Q.24 Which of the following is a way to enhance positive emotions at work ?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.25 Key to long term learning is

ANSWER= (B) Self-motivation


Q.26 If a claim conflict with our background information,we have good reason to

ANSWER= (B) Doubt it


Q.27 Personal experience,through generally reliable is

ANSWER= (A) Infallible


Q.28 Looking through the eyes of a child induces us to be ____ and ____.

ANSWER= (B) curious, observant


Q.29 If there is some way to determine whether a theory is true or false,it is said to be

ANSWER= (C) Testable


Q.30 Statements backed by good reasons are

ANSWER= (A) Worthy of strong acceptance

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