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Q.1 Thinking through before taking action is definition of which dimension of emotional intelligence

ANSWER= (C) Reality Control


Q.2 The Term emotional intelligence first appeared in

ANSWER= (C) 1964


Q.3 Who is known as the father of emotional intelligence

ANSWER= (B) Daniel Goleman


Q.4 The ability to manage one’s emotions and impulses is known as ?

ANSWER= (A) Self Regulation


Q.5 Interpersonal communication is a type of communication that takes place when we evaluate and react to internal and external stimuli.

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.6 The whole essence of emotional management is understanding one’s own emotions and other’s to deal with the situation. This statement is.

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.7 Organizational strategic changes are transitions or modifications from an existing state to a desired state for attaining efficiency and effectiveness. This statement is:

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.8 Which of the following skills is described as the capability of understanding another person experiences and emotions

ANSWER= (C) Empathy


Q.9 According to Daniel Goleman, which of the following tactics can help improve self-regulation?

ANSWER= (B) Taking a step back and leaving the room during intense situations


Q.10 Which skill involves recognizing and managing one emotions, behaviors, and impulses?

ANSWER= (B) Self-Regulation


Q.11 Vision realization, plant modernization and strategy planning are____________ strategies.

ANSWER= (C) Change management


Q.12 Which of the following is an example of intrapersonal communication?

ANSWER= (B) Day-dreaming


Q.13 Which leadership skill refers to the ability to inspire both oneself and others to action?

ANSWER= (C) Motivation


Q.14 Empathetic understanding leverages diversity in which of the following contexts?

ANSWER= (B) Teamwork


Q.15 Which skill involves perceiving emotions, interacting, and communicating with others?

ANSWER= (D) Social Skills


Q.16 Intrapersonal messages reflect our own ______________.

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.17 Emotional Intellignce helps individuals to communicate effectivey

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.18 Emotional Intellignce helps us to effectively manage change

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.19 Self control comes from the suppression of feelings

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.20 Which part of the limbic system is called the “the seat of all passions”?

ANSWER= (C) Amygdala


Q.20 In one of the techniques of enhancing Emotional Intelligence i.e. emotional management, the person should be able to

ANSWER= (D) All the above


Q.22 Well-adapted individuals have low emotional intelligence

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.23 Which of the following is not a characteristic of society

ANSWER= (C) It is based on individualism


Q.24 Which term refers to a group of individuals living in the same area and sharing common facilities

ANSWER= (C) Neighborhood


Q.25 Empathy is

ANSWER= (C) Biologically driven


Q.26 Our emotions influence our

ANSWER= (B) Cognition


Q.27 When change is initiated in the organization, it moves from the state of equilibrium to disequilibrium. This state of disequilibrium is accounted for internal and external factors. Which of the internal factors are behind this change?
A.Individual Performance

ANSWER= (D) Both A and C are correct


Q.28 What are the components of Emotional Intelligence?
A.Social Skills

ANSWER= (B) Only A and C are correct


Q.29 Communication Skills can be

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.30 Consider the following statements.
A: Certain cultural stereotypes help us be open in our interactions.
B: Thinking from another’s perspective shares a link with one being more creative.

ANSWER= (B) B is true but A is false

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