System Software MCQ-4

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System Software Multiple Choice Question With Answer


Q.1 MOVEM Means

ANSWER= (B) Move register to memory


Q.2 Object code is the output of —-

ANSWER= (B) Compiler or assembler


Q.3 In a absolute loading scheme which loader function is accomplished by a loader

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ANSWER= (D) Loading


Q.4 System programs such as Compilers are designed so that they are

ANSWER= (C) Non reusable


Q.5 Advantage of using assembly language rather than machine language is :

ANSWER= (A) It is mnemonic and easy to read


Q.6 Which of the following software types is used to simply using systems software ?

ANSWER= (C) Timesharing


Q.7 Loader is responsible for

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.8 — Load any file from disk to the RAM if required

ANSWER= (B) Loader


Q.9 In absolute loading scheme, which loader function is accomplished by assembler

ANSWER= (A) Reallocation


Q.10 A —— is a unit of information consists of fixed syntax information.



Q.11 The Linker

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ANSWER= (C) It required to create a load module


Q.12 Examples of system programs includes

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.13 A programming enviornment has

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.14 The translator which perform macro expansion is called a

ANSWER= (B) Macro pre-processor


Q.15 The internal storage of CPU is provided by:

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ANSWER= (A) Register


Q.16 The length of register is defined by:

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ANSWER= (D) Word size


Q.17 The reduce the length of the program of main memory system used:

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ANSWER= (A) Macro


Q.18 Macro is defined in a program:

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ANSWER= (D) Any where in a program


Q.19 The time required for execution of the move is:

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ANSWER= (B) Less than that procedure


Q.20 A system programs that set-up executable program in main memory ready for execution is called:

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ANSWER= (D) Loader


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