System Software MCQ-3

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System Software Multiple Choice Question With Answer


Q.1 Which of the following is the First phase of the compiler

ANSWER= (B) Lexical analysis


Q.2 Which of the following phase of the compiler generates a parse tree as output

ANSWER= (A) Syntax analysis


Q.3 The saving data and instructions to make then reality available is the job of:

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ANSWER= (D) Storage unit


Q.4 Action implementing instruction’s meaning are a actually carried out by

ANSWER= (C) Instruction execution


Q.5 Which of the following instructions holds information before going to decoder?

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ANSWER= (B) Data register


Q.6 Which of the optimal phase of the compiler

ANSWER= (B) Code Optimization


Q.7 A linker is given object module for a set of programs taht were compiled separately.What information need not be included in object Module

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ANSWER= (C) Absolute addresses of internal symbols


Q.8 Relocation bits used by relocating loader are specified by

ANSWER= (B) Assembler or Translator


Q.9 Relocatable programs

ANSWER= (B) can be loaded almost anywhere in memory


Q.10 Recognition of basic syntactic constructs through reductions, this task is performed by

ANSWER= (B) Syntax analysis


Q.11 Debug monitors helps in

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ANSWER= (C) Both of the above


Q.12 The physical device of computer is controlled by:

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ANSWER= (D) None of these


Q.13 Which of the following is not related with process state?

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ANSWER= (C) Blocked


Q.14 Which of the following is the first module of a language processor ?

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ANSWER= (B) Syntax analysis


Q.15 GUI Stand for

ANSWER= (A) Graphical user interface


Q.16 A grammar for a programming lanaguage is a formal description of

ANSWER= (C) Structure


Q.17 MS DOC is a exaple of



Q.18 Problem analysis is done during

ANSWER= (A) System design phase


Q.19 Function of loader

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.20 Operating system and utility system are the example of:

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ANSWER= (A) System software


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