System Software MCQ-5

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System Software Multiple Choice Question With Answer


Q.1 A grammer is ambiguous if there exists :

ANSWER= (A) More than one parse tree


Q.2 A compiler is a —— software

ANSWER= (B) System


Q.3 Macro processor is the part of

ANSWER= (A) Language translator


Q.4 Agreement between software developer & software user is called ?



Q.5 EULA Stands for ?

ANSWER= (B) End user license agreement


Q.6 ——- is not an example of editor

ANSWER= (C) Emacs


Q.7 Loaders are system programs that —– language program for execution.

ANSWER= (B) Low level


Q.8 Which bus is bidirectional

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ANSWER= (A) Data Bus


Q.9 In two pass assembler the object code generation is doing during the —–

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ANSWER= (C) Second pass


Q.10 Which is not a phase of compiler ?

ANSWER= (D) Static analysis


Q.11 The ——- OS works with actual synchronization.

ANSWER= (C) Real time system


Q.12 Program which is used to control system performance is classfied as

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ANSWER= (B) System program


Q.13 The ______ process a set of object modules and produce binary program.

ANSWER= (B) Linker


Q.14 —— is the sorting of Assemblers.

ANSWER= (B) Shell


Q.15 Top down parsing is also known as —–


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