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visual basic mcq questions and answers


Q.1 If pressing a command a new set of command come on screen,it is called

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ANSWER= (C) Pop Up Menu


Q.2 The—- event occurs when the mouse pointer is moved across the screen ?

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ANSWER= (B) Mouse move


Q.3 Upright page is called

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ANSWER= (A) Portrait


Q.4 You can use visual basic’s —- method to print a copy of the current form as many times as the user specifies

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ANSWER= (C) Print Form


Q.5 Active technology allows you to create executable iles with extension .com and —

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ANSWER= (A) .exe


Q.6 In VB , the _ is the function that computes the square root of a number.

ANSWER= (A) sqrt()


Q.7 Which of the following is not a feature of object oriented programming

ANSWER= (D) Platform Indepentdent


Q.8 Mouse down event takes place when you

ANSWER= (B) Press the mouse button


Q.9 Which of the following is a example of data base

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.10 Which of the following various ways of access database

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.11 Which property is used to change name of the command button?

ANSWER= (A) Caption


Q.12 In VB —— is the function that returns the absolute value of a number

ANSWER= (C) abs()


Q.13 In DAO control which software is used to create Database?

ANSWER= (A) MS Access


Q.14 In which control Multiple choice can be selected?

ANSWER= (A) Check box


Q.15 Which Data Control technique is used for connecting data bases at Remote location?



Q.16 Which of the following is not the property of a TextBox?

ANSWER= (D) List Index


Q.17 The —— enable us to pass data between a program and a class.

ANSWER= (B) Properties


Q.18 Which function displayed a pop-up window?

ANSWER= (D) Both A & B


Q.19 Which function displayed a pop-up window?

ANSWER= (A) Clear


Q.20 Which TextBox property should always be changed first?

ANSWER= (C) Name

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