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visual basic mcq questions and answers


Q.1 Varibles are used for information to be

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ANSWER= (A) Stored


Q.2 Values of constants in the program ?

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ANSWER= (B) Remains same


Q.3 A varible is defined using

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Q.4 In —— first we execute the true statement . then we check the condition if the condition is true then it again execute the true statement

ANSWER= (B) do while


Q.5 In VB The —– first we check the condition , if the condition is true then it execute the true statement same as while condition .

ANSWER= (C) for loop


Q.6 From moused-down() procedure is executed when any mouse button is clicked in a free area of

ANSWER= (A) From


Q.7 ——- array size can be changed at run-time.

ANSWER= (B) Dynamic array


Q.8 All controls that can work with the data control to access data from a database are called

ANSWER= (C) Data Bound Control


Q.9 The process of attaching a data bound control is known as

ANSWER= (A) Binding


Q.10 All the following statement are true about varible scope except

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ANSWER= (D) Static


Q.11 To find the upper and lower limits of arry in terms of elements use ?

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ANSWER= (C) Lower val and upper val function


Q.12 When the form is first reference in any manners by program the triggered event is

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ANSWER= (B) Initialize


Q.13 What Properties are required to be specified for a menu item ?

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ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.14 contains shortcuts to frequently performed actions.

ANSWER= (A) Context menu


Q.15 —–is an action recoginized by a form or the control

ANSWER= (B) Event


Q.16 The function of —- is to give a pop-up message to the user.

ANSWER= (A) msgbox()


Q.17 A control array is a group of controls that share the same name and —–

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ANSWER= (A) Type


Q.18 For displayingerror message we use

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ANSWER= (B) Msg Box


Q.19 —– is one of the main building blocks in a VB application.

ANSWER= (B) Form


Q.20 An —– function will display a message box where the user can enter a value.

ANSWER= (A) inputbox()

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