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visual basic mcq questions and answers


Q.1 When you have a loop within a loop, then you have created a —— ?

ANSWER= (C) nested


Q.2 Which of the following company is develop by OLE DB

ANSWER= (A) Micrsoft


Q.3 OLE DB Develop in

ANSWER= (C) 1996


Q.4 Which is not a main component of the visual studio IDE?

ANSWER= (C) Start Menu


Q.5 Which of the following is not part of VB IDE?

ANSWER= (C) Intermediate Window


Q.6 In VB , The while loop is end by

ANSWER= (C) wend


Q.7 In —- first we check the condition , if the condition is true then it execute the true statement .

ANSWER= (C) while


Q.8 —— is one of the common properties of control.

ANSWER= (A) Appearance


Q.9 Father of HTML

ANSWER= (C) Tim Berners Lee


Q.10 When Released HTML 1.0

ANSWER= (C) 1993


Q.11 Visual suffixed software are for which oprating system ?

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ANSWER= (B) Windows


Q.12 In eventdriven programming the program is controlled by the ?

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ANSWER= (C) Events


Q.13 Visual basic is extension of which language

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ANSWER= (A) Basic


Q.14 In visual basic changes are reftected in

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ANSWER= (A) Project explorer windown


Q.15 Select all command is there on

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ANSWER= (B) Edit Mernu


Q.16 ASP stands for_______

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ANSWER= (C) Active Server Page


Q.17 DAO is a shorthand notation for_______

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ANSWER= (B) Data Access Object


Q.18 Which of the following is not a feature of Object Oriented Programming ?

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ANSWER= (D) Platform Independent


Q.19 Mouse down event takes place when you

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ANSWER= (B) Press the mouse button


Q.20 ———— is the extension of a class module.

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ANSWER= (A) .cls

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