Computer MCQs Set-8

computer mcq sets


Q.141 Integrated circuits or ICs were started to be used from which generation of computers ?

    IBPS PO 2016

ANSWER= (C) Third Generation


Q.142 Which is not a basic function of a computer ?

ANSWER= (D) Copy Text 


Q.143 When a computer is switched on the booting process performs

ANSWER= (D) Power on self test 


Q.144 Which of the following does not store data permanently ?



Q.145 Which of the following is the smallest storage ?

ANSWER= (D) None of these  


Q.146 Fifth generation computers do not have ?

    SSC MTS 2012

ANSWER= (D) vacuum tube


Q.147 in a computer,most processing takes place in ?



Q.148 Which of the following is not a storage medium ?

ANSWER= (D) Monitor


Q.149 What type of virus uses computer hosts to reproduce itself ?

ANSWER= (B) Worm


Q.150 What is the most common tool used to restric access to a computer system ?

ANSWER= (C) Password 


Q.151 The first electronic computer was developed by ?

ANSWER= (A) J.V.Attansoft 


Q.152 PCs are considered fourth generation and contain

    SBI PO 2014

ANSWER= (C) Microprocessor


Q.153 Switching device of fifth generation computer is ?



Q.154 —- computer is small general purpose micro computer,but larger than portable computer ?

ANSWER= (C) Desktop


Q.155 Trackball is


ANSWER= (A) input device


Q.156 computer is a medium sized computer


ANSWER= (D) Mini


Q.157 computer are large size


ANSWER= (B) Miniframe


Q.158 Note book,laptop,palm-held computers are coming under the category of —-computer ?


ANSWER= (B) Portable computer


Q.159 Light pen and joystrick are —-


ANSWER= (B) Input device


Q.160 Touch Screen is ——-


ANSWER= (C) both a,b

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