Data Base Management MCQs ( Multiple Choice Question)

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Basic MCQs of DBMS


Q.1 Data is a ?

ANSWER= (D) A & C Both


Q.1 Name is a

ANSWER= (D) A & C Both


Q.3 Data are unit of

ANSWER= (B) Information


Q.4 Data Nedded to



Q.5 Input of computer is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Data


Q.6 Meaningfull data is called ?

ANSWER= (B) Information


Q.7 Data derived(latain) from

ANSWER= (B) Datum


Q.8 Information Derived(latain) From ?

ANSWER= (B) Information


Q.9 Database (DB) is collection of ?

ANSWER= (A) Inter-Relatated data


Q.10 Which type of approach in database ?



Q.11 DBMS Stand for ?

ANSWER= (C) Data Base Management System


Q.12 DB (Database) Stands for ?

ANSWER= (C) Database


Q.13 Example of DBMS(Database Management System)



Q.14 MS Access is a ?

ANSWER= (A) Database Management System(DBMS)


Q.15 ACID Stands for

ANSWER= (A) atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability


Q.16 Data Intigrity Means ?

ANSWER= (C) Restriction on Data


Q.17 Duplication Means ?

ANSWER= (C) Data Redundancy


Q.18 DBMS helps achieves ?

ANSWER= (C) Both a & b


Q.19 DFD stands for ?

ANSWER= (A) Data Flow Diagram


Q.20 ODBC Stands for

ANSWER= (A) Open Database Connectivity

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