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Analog electronics is a branch of electronics that deals with continuous signals and systems that operate on these signals. These signals are represented by varying voltages or currents, which can take on any value within a given range. In contrast to digital electronics, which deals with discrete signals and systems that operate on these signals.

Analog electronics finds applications in various fields such as telecommunications, power electronics, audio amplification, instrumentation, control systems, and many more. Some of the fundamental components used in analog electronics include resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and operational amplifiers.

Download Analog Electronics organizer PDF

Designing analog circuits requires a thorough understanding of electronic theory, circuit analysis, and the characteristics of the electronic components. The design process involves selecting the appropriate components, determining the circuit topology, and analyzing the circuit’s behavior under different operating conditions.

There are many application of Analog Electronics

  1. Audio amplifiers:- Analog electronics is used in the design of audio amplifiers for amplifying analog signals such as music or voice.
  2. Power supplies:- Analog electronics is used to design power supplies that convert AC to DC or regulate DC voltage.
  3. Radio frequency (RF) circuits:- Analog electronics is used to design RF circuits for wireless communication systems such as radios, TV, and cellphones.
  4. Sensor circuits:- Analog electronics is used to design circuits that process sensor signals such as temperature, pressure, and light.
  5. Instrumentation circuits:- Analog electronics is used to design circuits for measuring physical quantities such as voltage, current, and resistance.
  6. Signal processing circuits:- Analog electronics is used in the design of circuits that process signals such as filters, oscillators, and phase-locked loops.
  7. Motor control circuits:- Analog electronics is used in the design of circuits for controlling the speed and direction of motors.
  8. Analog-to-digital converters:- Analog electronics is used in the design of circuits for converting analog signals to digital signals, which is essential for digital signal processing and control systems.


Diode Circuit :- P – N junction diode , 1 – V characteristics of a diode ; review of half – wave and full – wave rectifiers , Zener diodes , clamping and clipping circuits

BJT Circuits:-Structure and I – V characteristics of a BJT : BJT as a switch . BJT as am amplifier : small – signal model . biasing circuits , current mirror : common – emitter , common – base and common – collector amplifiers : Small signal equivalent circuits , high – frequency equivalent circuits .

MOSFET Circuit:-MOSFET structure and 1 – V characteristics . MOSFET as a switch . MOSFET as an amplifier small signal model and biasing circuits , common – source , common – gate and common – drain amplifiers ; small signal equivalent circuits – gain , input and output impedances , trans – conductance , high frequency equiva lent circuit .

Differential,Multi-stage and operational amplifiers:-Differential amplifier : power amplifier ; direct coupled multi – stage amplifier ; internal structure of an operational amplifier ideal op – amp , non – idealities in an op – amp ( Output offset voltage , input bias cur rent . input offset current , slew rate , gain bandwidth product ).

Linear Application of op-amp:-Idealized analysis of op – amp circuits . Inverting and non – inverting amplifier , differential amplifier , in strumentation amplifier , integrator , active filter . P , PI and PID controllers and lead lag compensator using an op – amp , voltage regular , oscillators ( Wein bridge and phase shift ) . Analog to digital conversion.

Non linear Application of op-amp:-Hysteretic Comparator . Zero Crossing Detector , Square – wave and triangular – wave generators . Preci sion rectifier , peak detector . Monoshot .

Download Analog Electronics organizer PDF BEU Bihar

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