Digital Electronics MCQs SET-3

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This page provide you Digital Electronics MCQs


Q.41 Truth table is used to express

ANSWER= (B) Boolean expression


Q.42 The AND operation is equivalent to

ANSWER= (A) Intersection


Q.43 The time required for a gate or inverter to change its state is called :

ANSWER= (B) Propagation time


Q.44 The minimum number of transistors can be used by 2 input AND gate is



Q.45 Which logic unit is the fastest of all the logic families?



Q.46 Counter can be used in the measurement of

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.47 The universal gate is



Q.48 A byte is consist of ?

ANSWER= (C) 8 bits


Q.49 The Boolean expression A’B+AB’+AB is equivalent to



Q.50 EPROM contents can be erased by exposing it to

ANSWER= (A) UV rays


Q.51 The number of output pins of a 8085 microprocessor are

ANSWER= (C) 40


Q.52 Which one of the following is 8-bit register in microprocessor ?

ANSWER= (B) Accumulator


Q.53 CMOS technology used in

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.54 The use of OP-AMP is generally not preferred as ?

ANSWER= (B) Subtractor


Q.55 In decimal system , the base or radix is the ?

ANSWER= (D) 10


Q.56 A binary system has radix of ?



Q.57 Which of the following is an universal gate ?



Q.58 The system on which digital system usually operates is

    RRB JE 2015

ANSWER= (A) Binary


Q.59 In Boolean Algebra the plus sign (+) indicates :

ANSWER= (C) OR Operation


Q.60 LEDs are usually switched ON and OFF by

ANSWER= (A) Diode in the circuit

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