Computer Organization & Architecture MCQs SET-2

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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQs


Q.21 Dynamic RAM consumes ——–power and ——– then the static ram ?

ANSWER= (C) Less,slower


Q.22 Which flog of the 8085 flag register is not accessible to programmer directly ?

ANSWER= (C) Auxiliary carry flag


Q.23 Cache memory work on the princple of ?

ANSWER= (A) Locality of refrence


Q.24 Which of the memory holds the information when the power supply is switched off?



Q.25 Which of the following interrupt is markable?



Q.26 Cycle stealing technic is used in?

ANSWER= (B) DMA based data transfer


Q.27 Which of the following is not a characteristic

ANSWER= (A) Large instruction set


Q.28 Associative memory is some time called as?

ANSWER= (A) Content addressable memory


Q.29 Floating point representation is used to store

ANSWER= (C) Real numbers


Q.30 What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanent storage ?

ANSWER= (D) Unreliable


Q.31 An instruction code is ?

ANSWER= (A) A group of bits that instruct the computer to perform specific operation


Q.32 The program counter holds the address of

ANSWER= (B) The next instruction to be read from memory


Q.33 The function of the control unit in digital computer is?

ANSWER= (A) To initiate sequence of micro operation


Q.34 A memory that is the part of a control unit is know as ?

ANSWER= (D) Control memory


Q.35 A group of eight is known as ?

ANSWER= (B) A byte


Q.36 The tendency of a processor to access the same set of memory loacations repetively over a short period of time is known as?

ANSWER= (B) Locality of reference


Q.37 The CPU state is saved in the event of a transfer control

ANSWER= (C) During execution of an instruction due to an interrupt cycle


Q.38 A computer use RAM chips of 1024*1 capacity,How many chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 16 k bytes

ANSWER= (B) 32


Q.39 The instruction that does not need any address field is ?

ANSWER= (D) Zero address instruction


Q.40 Booth,algorithm is used for ?

ANSWER= (A) Multiplication

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