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Q.1 Primary purpose of software Testing is

ANSWER= (B) to Identify errors


Q.2 Test cases are designed during which of the following stages ?

ANSWER= (A) Test specification


Q.3 which is not the other name for structural testing?

ANSWER= (B) Behavioural testing


Q.4 The technique applied for usability testing is ?

ANSWER= (C) Black box


Q.5 Which of the following is not a Test Type ?

ANSWER= (C) Statement Testing


Q.6 What is need of software testing ?

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.7 White-box testing can be started

ANSWER= (C) After programming


Q.8 Which of the following is the component test standard?

ANSWER= (B) BS7925-2


Q.9 Testing of software with actual data and in actual environment is known as? standard?

ANSWER= (A) Beta testing

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Q.10 Which of the following is not a Types of testing

ANSWER= (C) Flow Testing


Q.11 Beta Testing is done at ?

ANSWER= (B) User’s end


Q.12 A program with high cyclomatic complexity is likely to be ?

ANSWER= (B) Difficult to test


Q.13 Which of the following is done by Unit testing ?

ANSWER= (B) Developers


Q.14 Which of the following of Manual Testing ?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.15 Error guessing is a ?

ANSWER= (B) Test data management techniques


Q.16 Unit Testing a type of

ANSWER= (C) Functional Testing


Q.17 Which of the following is not a white box technique?

ANSWER= (A) State transition testing


Q.18 Alpha testing is

ANSWER= (C) Pre-release testing by end user representatives at the developer’s site


Q.19 Usability Testing is a type of

ANSWER= (C) Non- Functional Testing


Q.20 Which of the following term describes testing?

ANSWER= (B) Evaluating deliverable to find errors
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