Software Design MCQ | Software Engineering MCQ

Software Design MCQs

This page provides you software multiple-choice questions that help with many exams like Semester, Gate, Railway, and ISRO.

Software Design MCQ | Software Engineering MCQ


Q.1 —– tool is used for structured designing

ANSWER= (B) Structure chart


Q.2 —— designs and implement database structures.

ANSWER= (D) Database administrators


Q.3 Structured design is mostly based on the

ANSWER= (B) Divide and conquer


Q.4 In the design phase —– is the primary area of concern.

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.5 System design approach where parts of the system are defined in details

ANSWER= (A) Bottom up design


Q.6 Which of these are characteristics of a good design?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.7 The decomposition of a system into smaller parts in order to comprehend its compositional sub-systems

ANSWER= (A) Top-down design


Q.8 —— transforms structural elements of software into procedural description of software components.

ANSWER= (A) Procedural Design


Q.9 Which option does not define Function Oriented Software Design?

ANSWER= (B) Modules represent data abstraction


Q.10 Java is

ANSWER= (A) Bottom Up Design


Q.11 C is

ANSWER= (B) Top Down Design


Q.12 FORTRAN is a

ANSWER= (B) Top Down Design


Q.13 Bottom up model based on —- Approach

ANSWER= (A) Composition


Q.14 Top-Down model based on —- Approach

ANSWER= (B) Decomposition


Q.15 —– is/are the characteristics of a wellformed design class.

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.16 Which of the following is golden rule for interface design?

ANSWER= (D) All of the given options


Q.17 —— is not a user interface design

ANSWER= (C) Knowledgeable, frequent users


Q.18 HLD Stand for

ANSWER= (B) High level Design


Q.19 LLD Stand for

ANSWER= (B) Low level Design


Q.20 Low level Design is also known as

ANSWER= (B) Micro Level System Design

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