Java MCQ Questions with answers SET-1

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Java Basic MCQs | Java Multiple Choose Question with answer

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Q.1 Who is the Father of JAVA ?

ANSWER= (B) James Gosling


Q.2 JAVA is a

ANSWER= (D) All of above


Q.3 What was java name Before



Q.4 Firstly JAVA was called as—– By Games Gosling

ANSWER= (A) Green Talk


Q.5 The File Extension of Green Talk

ANSWER= (B) .gt


Q.6 Oak was renamed Java in

ANSWER= (B) 1994


Q.7 The File Extension of java

ANSWER= (B) .java


Q.8 In which year java was developed

ANSWER= (B) 1995


Q.9 Sun microsystem released its first public implementation in —- as JDK 1.0

ANSWER= (C) 1996


Q.10 What are pillars in Java

ANSWER= (D) All of above


Q.11 Java was developed By

ANSWER= (A) Sun Microsystem


Q.12 Which of the following are flavours of java

ANSWER= (D) All of above


Q.13 Whose product is java right now

ANSWER= (C) Oracle


Q.14 What is the First Version Of JAVA ?

ANSWER= (CC) JDK alpha & Beta


Q.15 What is the Compilation process of JAVA Progarm ?

ANSWER= (C) JDK alpha & Beta


Q.16 What is the Execution process of java progarm ?

ANSWER= (C) java class_name


Q.17 In java JDK Stands FOR

ANSWER= (C) JAVA Development ki


Q.17 In java JRC Stands FOR

ANSWER= (B) JAVA Runtime Environment


Q.18 In java JVM Stands For

ANSWER= (A) JAVA Virtual Machine


Q.19 Which component is used to compile, debug and execute the java programs ?



Q.20 Which of the following is not a Application of java is

ANSWER= (D) Building

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